Mountain Preservation

Through, 7 grassroots organizations from 5 Appalachian states have come together to use cutting edge technology to inform and involve Americans in their efforts to end mountaintop removal coal mining .
Keeper of the Mountains Foundation was created to fund Larry Gibson's efforts to preserve and foster the values of mountain culture. KOTM also supports his ongoing effort to tell the story of the destruction of Kayford Mountain and the surrounding community as a result of mountain top removal.
The mission of Coal River Mountain Watch is to stop the destruction of our communities and environment by mountaintop removal mining, to improve the quality of life in our area and to help rebuild sustainable communities.
One of the oldest environmental conservation organisations of the state, works to protect mountaintops amongst other things.
Our coalition is a broad-based effort by local and national groups dedicated to stopping the harmful practice of mountaintop removal mining in Appalachia. Please visit each group's website for more information about how you can help stop mountaintop removal mining.
Black Diamonds charts the escalating drama in Appalachia over the alarming increase in large mountaintop coal mines. These mammoth operations have covered 1200 miles of headwater streams with mining waste; demolished thousands of acres of hardwood forest; and flattened hundred of Appalachian mountain peaks.
Our mission is to empower people to defend our region's rich natural and cultural heritage by providing them with tools and strategies for successful grassroots campaigns.
Grassroots citizens group organizing to empower people of diverse backgrounds to achieve change that improves their quality of life by addressing issues of environmental, economic and social justice.
An organization of concerned community members and their allies who are working to stop the destruction of our communities by surface coal mining, to improve the quality of life in our area, and to help rebuild sustainable communities.

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Mountain people platform: sustainable development etc.
Mountain Forum is a global network of individuals and organisations concerned with the well being of mountain people, their environments and cultures.