Veg Restaurants Georgia

100% vegetarian Indian restaurant. In India, UDUPI is synonymous with southern Indian style vegetarian cooking, composed mainly of rice and lentils.
We serve vegetarian food in a way that appeals to ALL kinds of eaters. The lure of delicious homemade food served in generous portions at inexpensive prices, coupled with a lovingly restored pair of handsome dining rooms in a splendid historic all brings people back and back again. So again, welcome to!
The vision of the World Peace Café is to serve nutritious and tasteful vegetarian food in a peaceful, warm, and gracious environment that is reflective of the Buddhist principles of loving kindness and respect for all living beings. The café uses natural food products and organic locally grown whenever possible. The café also serves a variety of specialty and organic teas.
Our Buddhist inspired dishes are all vegetarian. All of the beef, chicken, pork, and shrimp in our dishes are made from flour, potatoes, and other non-meat products.
Café Sunflower is an award-winning vegetarian restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. Organic ingredients used when possible. Catering available.
Country Life Natural Foods is the first and premier vegetarian restaurant in Columbus, Georgia. It also carries an ample volume of bulk foods and health items, and serves both a local and international community with a mail order service for all non-perishable items.
Rainbow Hot Bar-Salad Bar serves a fresh homemade soup of the day, chili, vegetarian side dishes and a variety of raw salad items.
At Vatica Indian Vegetarian Cuisine in Atlanta, Georgia we provide vegetarian food that tastes just like home cooked. The food is Gujarati Thali. We also prepare snacks that can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.A.
Lovn It Live is the leader in organic living and vegan cuisine. Each of our dishes is created with love and care, a sincere expression of Lovn It Lives concern for the highest nutritional standards for humanity. Lovn It Live maintains a direct link with local organic farmers, a link which helps us to maintain a high enzymic quality in our food as well as a down home freshness, unrivaled by most standards.