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A popular vegetarian bistro in the heart of L.A.'s famously hip Melrose- LaBrea - Fairfax District south of West Hollywood. The Bulan menu features a variety of delicious and nutritious Thai and fusion vegetarian entrees, appetizers, desserts and refreshments, with Vegan options. NO refined sugars, NO m.s.g. and NO saturated fats are used in any of Bulan's dishes or cooking processes.
100% vegetarian take-away. Fresh ingredients, high quality products, whole grains and fresh juices. Our Vegan BBQ Ribs, Stuffed Yamm, and a variety of the best cooked Greens you've ever tasted are just a few of the ways we've married vegetarian cuisine with soul food cooking traditions.
Vegetarian Indian dine-in, catering, online ordering.
Delicious Indian food to serve your vegetarian needs. Great selection of food items for either eat in, take-out, or catering.
Follow Your Heart / Earth Island, vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Los Angeles, home of Vegenaise mayonnaise substitute, Vegan Gourmet vegan cheese that melts, and much more.
Chinese 100% vegetarian restaurant. Our food is all consciously handmade with the finest vegetarian ingredients. Come and enjoy the true pleasure of eating. It is our honor to serve you our best. No Eggs, No Dairy, No MSG.
Vegetarian Indian cuisine.
Delicious Indian food to serve your vegetarian needs. Great selection of food items for either eat in, take-out, or catering.
We specialize in the cuisine of South India, where cooks typically use rich spices and aromatic herbs to transform intricate conjurations of vegetables, lentils, and rice into tasty meals that are as fulfilling as they are filling.
(Not 100% vegetarian) Contemporary Macrobiotic Cuisine featuring balanced, nutritious, creative cooking which can be enjoyed daily by everyone, not just vegetarians or people with dietary restrictions. Our chefs prepare each item fresh daily, using only the finest ingredients without any refined sugars, eggs, dairy, red meat or poultry.
Vegetarian restaurant with take-away. Varied menu with many meat substitutes.
Delicious Indian food to serve your vegetarian needs. Great selection of food items for either eat in, take-out, or catering.
Orean the Health Express is a unique fast-food restaurant specializing in meatless, sugarless, non-dairy items created for optimum nutrituion without chemical additives. The first vegetarian fast-food take-out restaurant in the nation, featuring a menu approved by the American Heart Association. Pasadena's total vegetarian take-out and drive-thru restaurant, voted best vegetarian cuisine 3 years...
The Green Temple restaurant sprouted from the aspiration, an idea of the lifestyle that can save the world. It is based on our cultivation of caring for the space that we occupy. 100% vegetarian with organic ingredients.
Avant-garde fast food restaurant to promote a healthier and better living style by providing premium vegetarian meals made of high quality, fresh vegetables from our own farm.
Delicious Indian food to serve your vegetarian needs. Great selection of food items for either eat in, take-out, or catering.
Our commitment to redefining gourmet vegetarian cuisine begins with our unique animal-free creations and healthy, innovative dishes. Take it from meat lovers who are constantly amazed at how our unique, animal-free creations could pass for real beef, chicken, pork and fish. The truth is all our dishes are pure vegetarian, prepared without meat, seafood, eggs, or MSG
Native Foods restaurants, founded by Chef Tanya Petrovna, offer delicious organic vegan / vegetarian food designed to meet the needs of todays discriminating, health-conscious diners vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.
Juice Bar.
100% vegan Ethiopian restaurant. Rahel provides also a full range of catering services. All items are prepared with olive oil and grape seed oil. All items served with Injera or Rice. No microwave use.
Vegan Glory offers mostly organic healthy vegetarian Thai and American cuisine which is always delicious to Los Angeles and West Hollywood, California
Located in the Palms area of West LA/ Culver City between Overland & Motor on National Blvd. This vegan joint is filled with flavor of all types, especially thai vegan food. Serving breakfast burritos, pancakes, and hash browns all day. Followed by cowboy burgers, lentil burgers, sandwich wraps, and soups for lunch. Finishing the night, dining with vegan dinners w/ rice, noodles, and curries, served w/ thai flavoring spices & care.
Certified organic, raw & vegan restaurant. Certified green restaurant. Catering & cooking courses available. Online store.
Los Angeles' premier organic vegan restaurant.
Euphoria Loves Rawvolution raw vegan organic food, body products, books and more. An entire community of people and ideas to sustain and enlighten you!
Healthy organic vegan. Also catering.
Authentic vegan-Thai cuisine. We use 98% organic ingredients. We use brown sugar only and no MSG while still maintaining authentic Thai ingredients.
Los Angeles' premier organic vegan restaurant.

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Vegan, organic, & raw food cuisine. We make almost everything from scratch: no fake meats, no frying: sunflower burgers, pizzas, lettuce tacos, cashew shakes, tiramisu and lots more.