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Why buy organic flowers? Healthier conditions for workers, avoid toxic products (chemicals that are often banned in the USA!) delivered with the flowers to the recipient, sustainable organic farming practices. Article from USA Today

Why buy locally grown flowers? Avoid transportation pollution from overseas, provide local jobs and get fresher local produce!

Articles: Why bother with organic flowers? A 1997 report found that commercially grown roses contained 1,000 times the amount of cancer causing pesticides when compared with food products.

Flowers by the Sea is dedicated to growing and shipping cool growing orchids, using state-of-the-art Biodynamic production methods that are both technologically advanced and environmentally sound.
Seabreeze Organic Farm specializes in fresh organic vegetables, fruit & flowers.
Full Belly Farm is a certified organic farm offering fresh vegetables, fruit and flowers to people living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento Area, and San Rafael. Community supported agriculture program, farmers markets, wholesale.
We grow lavender using organic practices to develop unique, farm fresh lavender products for body, gifts and weddings. Creating memorable experiences to enhance your life and the lives of those you love is a priority. Our farm pledges to employ sustainable agriculture methods, enhance community spirit and help preserve the North Carolina rural landscape as we grow this lovely, soothing and fragrant herb.
Known for high quality certified organic herb production, Jacobs Farm grows more than sixty herb varieties which include culinary herbs as well as exotic specialty herbs. Many varieties of edible flowers, berries and specialty vegetables are also grown.
In addition to certified organic fresh fruit, flowers, and vegetables, we carry homemade and specialty products.
In season - we have squash, broccoli, lettuce, specialty greens, sweet corn, pumpkins, flowers, our own honey & much more..
Certified Organic Produce - Fresh, local, organically grown vegetables and fruits.
Along with your organic crops each week or two, you occasionally get a fistful of our beautiful Serenbe cut flowers.
ILRF launched a Fairness in Flowers Campaign on Mother's Day in 2003, a holiday that accounts for a large part of the cut flower sales in the United States. The Campaign will raise awareness in the US about labor rights violations and health and safety problems in the cut flower industry in Ecuador and Colombia, and seek improvements through action in the US and Latin America. A survey of 8000 workers in plantations near Bogota found that workers were exposed to 127 different pesticides, three of which are considered extremely toxic...
MPS is an international certification organization which assesses and certifies the environmental performance of its 4.000 participants. MPS concentrates on entrepreneurs from the floriculture, bulb-, nursery stock- and vegetables sector. Environment, quality and social aspects are the main topics of MPS.
Our vision is to improve the standard of living for workers on farms within the flower industry and to improve the environmental conditions on these different farms and in their surroundings.
Sierra Eco is committed to improving and assuring fair living standards for flower farm workers and their families by ensuring worker safety, wage security, education and health care. Farms that carry the Sierra Eco label secure funds for housing, education and recreational programs.

Organic Flowers - Fair Trade Flowers - Free listings delivers beautiful certified organic flowers, roses, gifts and fruit next day anywhere in the United States. Hydro packed for guaranteed freshness. Flowers grown on our own farm.
Canada, Ontario
eco|stems is an environmentally and socially sustainable full service flower shop. We carry a large selection of local, organic and fair trade flowers and plants.
Rozenkwekerij de Bierkreek
The Netherlands, Ijzendijke
Rozenkwekerij de Bierkreek is an organic farm of roses, native forest and native hedging plants and special farm plants for individuals and businesses.
Dragonfly Floral
California, Healdsburg
We are known for our natural and uncontrived style. Our gardens provide organically and sustainably grown flowers and foliage.