Passive Solar Home Design Gallery

Sun Plans
Sun Plans - Architect Debra Rucker Coleman, AIA is the owner of Sun Plans Inc. and has been designing passive solar homes since 1985. In 1990 she first published the house plan book Sun-Inspired Home Plans. Internet-based design services available.
Homes by SunTerra
Homes by SunTerra - A  Building & design company, sells also plans. New custom home designs incorporating higher level conservation and solar technologies with style, comfort, security, and affordability. Sunterra Designs are available for sale and include the Conservation Guidebookdetailed building science information.
Architects & Builders with Passive Solar Experience
San Luis Obispo Sustainability Group – Solar house
San Luis Obispo Sustainability Group -  Since 1976, SLOSG has designed hundreds of passive solar residences.
Semmes & Co. Builders, Inc – Solar house
Semmes & Co. Builders, Inc., located on the Central Coast of California, constructs unique and creatively styled, environmentally-friendly homes. By blending sustainable building and passive solar techniques, as well as the most current materials and technologies, these homes are durable, energy efficient, and, above all, a delight to live in.
David Wright Associates
David Wright Associates, AIA is a complete services firm that has specialized in passive solar and sustainable architectural design for over 35 years. David has written several books on passive solar architecture and has received the prestigious Passive Solar Pioneer Award from the American Solar Energy Society. Our motto is 35 years of greenness We are solar experts. The illustration shown is of the Beesley passive solar home. This off-grid, stand alone, passive solar home is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.
Doerr Architecture – Passive solar home
Doerr Architecture - Colorado architect specializing in sustainable design including passive solar home design. Doerr Architecture offers beautiful, economical, sustainable design.
Howard Alan Architects – Passive solar house with photovoltaic solar panels
Howard Alan Architects - specializing in organic architecture, passive and active solar and alternative energy conservation. Located in Chicago, serving Illinois and the Mid West.
Sun-Earth Homes
Sun-Earth Homes are custom designed by Gary Watrous, AIA, of Watrous Associates Architects P.S.C., a Louisville solar architectural firm. These homes are designed according to nationally recognized standards of the Passive Solar Industries Council. Watrous Associates specializes in the use of passive solar techniques to design beautiful, light-filled, energy-efficient buildings for a range of purposes.
New Mexico
zero e design
zero e design in Santa Fe & Taos, New Mexico: architectural services for creative design, solar green building, custom residences, and pre-drawn house plans by Joaquin Karcher, Dipl.Ing. Master of Architecture. We offer ultra-low energy home design that gives you freedom from utility costs. Passive House Design allows you to personally address the climate change challenge while increasing your individual comfort and expressing your aesthetic standards.
Dennis Holloway – Architect
Dennis Holloway Architect in Northern New Mexico. Pioneering passive solar sustainable architecture, ground-breaking architecture for Native American Tribes and Pueblos done in traditional native idioms, virtual reality and QTVR reconstructions of archaeological "Anasazi" sites in the Southwest US
New York
Homes by SunTerra
Homes by SunTerra -  Building & design company, sells also plans. New custom home designs incorporating higher level conservation and solar technologies with style, comfort, security, and affordability. Sunterra Designs are available for sale and include the Conservation Guidebookdetailed building science information.
Barley & Pfeiffer Architects – Solar House
Barley & Pfeiffer Architects is an award-winning, contemporary architecture firm that specializes in green building, solar houses and sustainable architecture.
Coates Design Architect – Passive solar home
Coates Design Architects Point White House, A passive solar home designed by Award-winning Architect, Matthew Coates, AIA, recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) as a LEED accredited professional. This design uses reclaimed siding, passive solar, thermal mass walls, radiant heating, storm water collection, low water-use appliances/equipment, all low VOC natural finishes and more.
Thomas Brown, Architect
Thomas Brown, Architect. The Sullivan Residence, pictured at left, is a Wisconsin High-Performance Home. This residence was honored with a first-place National Award by the National Association of Homebuilders Research Institute. It was selected as the best Innovative/Advanced home in a Cold-climate Region.
Gimme Shelter Construction Inc
Gimme Shelter Construction Inc. At Gimme Shelter, we love the art and craft of homebuilding. Our creative blend of energy-efficient, high-performance homes and artful design sets us apart from other builders. Respecting the earth's resources is a commitment we share with our clients and crew.
Passive Solar Houses Australia
TT Architecture
TT Architecture has operated in Canberra since commencement and has a strong commitment to fostering regionally based architectural values and an appreciation of environmentally sustainable design principles. We have established a reputation for being leaders in sustainable design and energy efficiency, reinforced by the numerous awards to our name.
Simpson Wilson Architects
Architects Andrea Wilson and Roderick Simpson formed Simpson Wilson Architects in 1990. Since then they have received widespread acknowledgement as leaders in sustainable design and socially aware architecture.
Ecotect-Architects – passive solar house
Ecotect-Architects designed this passive solar house, situated in bush land near Perth. Built as a retirement retreat, the simple and inexpensive house has been designed to maximize passive solar design principles using reverse brick veneer and double brick construction. The house is run using little power with energy efficient lighting and appliances contributing to the savings, while rain water collection supplements scheme water.
Ecologie Group – Solar house
Ecologie Group - The energy-efficient design features passive and active solar technology, on-site power generation and recycled waste water. It was designed by Sydney eco architect Gareth Cole in conjunction with the owners, utilizing appropriate design, materials and technologies to create a comfortable home that is autonomous, self-sufficient and makes very little impact on its environment.
Solar Dwellings
Solar Dwellings is a unique design & construction service. We design energy efficient passive solar homes and organize their construction in conjunction with a number of nominated builders. We make energy efficient passive solar homes affordable for as many people as possible. Working closely with you to understand your lifestyle and budget, we design a naturally light, airy home that will be warmed by winter sun and cooled by summer breezes.
Green Point Design
Green Point Design - Their technical expertise includes a range of both conventional and "green" building practices including: energy efficient and passive solar designs; natural day-lighting and ventilation systems, up to date knowledge of new materials and products; natural and recycled materials like earth, stone and timber "alternative" systems like solar hot water, grey water recycling, composting toilets, and independent electricity supplies.
Passive Solar Houses New Zealand
Aonui Architecture – Passive solar house, New Zealand
Aonui Architecture, Wellington, New Zealand for your environmentally sustainable designs. Specialized in sustainable design and solar architecture, passive and active solar heating, natural ventilation, and temperature management. View Aonui Architecture's portfolio, to see innovative designs for new residential work, transport terminals, sports facilities, hospitality and tourism facilities, commercial buildings and refurbishments, office fit-outs, retail areas.