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The Multi-Heat boiler is an automatic stoker boiler which can burn both wood pellets and corn. The boiler can be used for both residential and light commercial applications.
With many years experience of manufacturing, supplying and installing wood combustion systems, we are able to offer a range of wood fired boilers and room heaters, ranging in size from domestic applications to Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants.
Refo boilers: burn woodchips, wood pellets, grains, rape mash, shredded timber and sawdust/shavings. Can burn most sizes of woodchip, and with moisture content up to 45%.
Talbott's Ltd is one of the leading UK bio-fuel specialists with thousands of working installations. Their groundbreaking new systems incorporate some of the most advanced control technologies ever used for this type of heating installation. Also: combined with electricity production.
Wood gasification and central heating pellet systems of various dimensions.
Well-designed and environmentally friendly technology, combined with a high degree of operating comfort, guarantees the success of our firewood, waste wood and pellet fired furnaces.
Website in Danish only.
The PH-Stoker system is a complete, automatic heating system designed to be used with biological fuels (wood pellets, wood chips, sawdust etc.). The system is supplied with a max. output of from 12kW to 100 kW.
Pellet burners, pellet boilers, full system solutions for homes and large properties.
The company has specialized in the production of fully automatic firing systems in all sizes for agriculture, industry and district heating plants. All the systems are based on the use of straw, wood chips, pellets, sawdust etc.
Supplier of full automatic biomass and solid fuel boilers both to the private consumer and smaller industry as well as district heating.
Automated Boiler Systems for Commercial, Industrial, Communal, and Residential Applications. "Ease-of-use and the level of maintenance are comparable to conventional oil fired boiler systems."
Manufacturer of pellet boilers, range: 10-300 kW.
Range of boilers that can burn more than only pellets.
Grants are only available if the products installed appear on these lists. The equipment installed must be new and not refurbished.
The UK Government has introduced tax relief on low carbon technologies to try to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. The scheme is valid for energy-saving plants & machinery, low carbon cars & transportation, water conservation plants & machinery.
The Log Pile website shows how modern wood-derived fuels, including pellets and woodchip, can be used to provide clean, controllable and carbon-neutral heating in the UK.

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Wood pellet fuel public awareness and pellet fuel supplier directory.
Manufacturer, Austria
OekoFEN was founded in 1989. Since the beginning we have worked on the continual research and development of small-scale ecological biomass heating systems.
EcoHeat Solutions
EcoBoiler wood pellet boilers are an affordable, sustainable and eco-friendly heating solution. Heating with an EcoBoiler is also a lot more convenient than heating with wood.
Pellergy's Wood Pellet Burner Systems convert existing oil boilers and furnaces to burn Wood Pellets. The systems can be used in new installations as well; built in Vermont, USA.
Solid fuel Boilers, systems for commercial, industrial, communal, and residential applications in Ukraine. "" website shows how modern wood-derived fuels, including pellets and woodchip, can be used to provide clean, cheap, controllable and carbon-neutral heating in the Ukraine.

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Wood Energy Ltd
UK, Gloucestershire

Wood Energy is a leading specialist supplier of high efficiency automatic wood heating systems throughout the UK and Ireland. We are the UK's exclusive distributor for Binder and Hargassner wood chip and pellet boilers, both leading Austrian manufacturers of biomass boilers for over twenty years.

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