Pellet Suppliers

Earth Sense Energy Systems offers a variety of bagged and bulk wood pellets. All pellets are guaranteed.
Barefoot Pellets utilize sawdust from a variety of hardwood species from the renewable & sustainable forests of Pennsylvania and New York.

Pellet Suppliers - Free listings

Dealers of Wood Pellets – Free Listings
New Hampshire
Convenient delivery to New England, New York, the Mid-Atlantic and areas of the West Coast. Truckload delivery available nationwide.
UP Pellet Stoves
Stoves, furnaces, fire inserts, pellets.
Pellet Stove Junction
Wisconsin, Tomahawk
Wood pellet stoves & pellets.
Paja Pellets
Wisconsin, Oostburg
A full selection of suppliers to choose from.
National Lumber
New England
We offer a wide variety of green building materials, plus wood fuel pellets at all of our eight locations throughout New England.
Manufacturers of Wood Pellets – Free Listings
Energex manufactures the highest quality fuel with the most reliable service in the industry. Our Residential Pellets are made from 100% natural wood sawdust with no additives and no bark using a state-of-the-art process control system and packaging facility.
Equustock Wood Fibers
Virginia, Georgia
All of our pellets are of clean wood, no bark and consist of very low ash content and significant BTU.
Forest Energy
Making pellets is like cooking - anyone can do it, but only a few are good at it!
Heat Resource
Heat Resources Wood Pellet Fuel, manufactures convenient, efficient, environmentally friendly wood pellets.
New England Wood Pellet
New Hampshire
New England Wood Pellet, LLC provides a quality renewable energy source that is clean, consistent, and efficient.
Our Premium Wood Pellet Fuel is certified by the Pellet Fuels Institute to the premium standard. That means less ash to clean, multiple steps to eliminate fines, and 100% all natural.
A producer of wood pellets primarily used as a heating fuel. We utilize available biomass in the form of trees that have been killed by the mountain pine beetle, and turn these trees into a usable, stable, sustainable, clean, domestic energy source.
Wood pellets that burn hotter and cleaner, stall bedding products that are softer and healthier, and wood briquettes that burn longer and cleaner.
Our "Freedom Fuel" wood pellets are a high-quality, dependable, renewable energy source. We ensure that consumers are offered the very best earth-friendly products.
FRAM Fuels
Premium and industrial quality pellets.
Our wood fuel pellets are made in West Central Georgia. After rigorous testing, we can claim almost 99% combustion efficiency.
Idaho, West Virginia
Lignetics manufactures the highest quality wood fuel pellets, Pres-to-Logs brand firelogs and firestarter products available. Lignetics environmentally engineered products will save you money on your heating costs while lessening the impact on the environment.
PA Pellets
Delivering high quality wood pellets to customers throughout the northeastern United States through our growing network of dealers. To those who know us, PA Pellets is synonymous with quality, reliability and customer service.