LED Flexible Curtain / LED Video Curtain

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July 30, 2012
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LED Flexible Display, LED Curtain Screen, LED Pixel Light, LED Wall Display, LED Pixel Wall, LED Video Wall, LED Display Screen, LED Display For Stage, outdoor LED Flexible Display, Soft video wall SMD LED, LED Display Soft video wall, Soft Video Wall LED Display, foldable screen, foldable LED screen, Feature: 1. Soft and flexible, it can be folded, bended, curved and rolled freely like a newspaper, which is suitable for any irregular place like arch, cylinder, rectangle. 2. Ultra-light weight, slim body, which is suitable for the place that requires the weight strictly, and for convenient transportation. 3. Easy maintenance, every parts can be replaced without needing professional people. 4. Easy and fast installation, demolition, there are only two cable with one panel, which are suitable for rental and instant project. 5. Free expansion, there is not any limitation to connect many small panels together vertically and horizontally and vertically to make a display as larger as you want. 6. Irregular shape is available, like triangle, round, ellipse… 7. Custom size are available, besides the standard panel size, we can make nearly any other dimension. 8. Transparent and wind-proof, so lighting and wind can go through the body of the screen. 9. Alternative controlling system: Video synchronous and off-line controller is alternative, support third party video display software. 10. Waterproof: the ingress protection level can reach to IP 65, it can be merged into water and works perfectly. 11. High refresh rate, it can achieve 68 billion colors and 5000 - 23000 HZ refresh rate, so there is not any strobe and water ripple effect through the video VCR, it is very important for stage display application. 12. High brightness: the highest brightness can reach to 6000 nits, it can be used under the sun shine environment. Pixel Pitch: P10, P12, P15, P16, P20, P25, P31, P40, P50, P60, P70, P80, P90, P100, P150, P200 We also make the customers’ design of specific requirement on pixel pitch & size, please contact us directly at anytime
Jeaka or OEM / ODM
Made Of (Ingredients)
LED Lights: SMD 3528 / 5050 Pixel Pitch: P10, P12, P15, P16, P20, P25, P31, P40, P50, P60, P70, P80, P90, P100, P150, P200
ISO9001:2008 TUV CE Rohs