LED mesh display screen (Indoor / Outdoor)

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July 30, 2012
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LED mesh display screen (Indoor / Outdoor) 1) Grid led display is researched and developed for the background of concerts, building act wall, nightclub, KTV, dancing hall, and other entertainment places. 2) Mesh display is a indoor and outdoor gm product 3)Adopted synchronous control system treatment; 4) Compatible with a variety of input signal 5) Lightweight, ultra-thin screens body specification design 6) Energy saving power consumption is small; 7) Aviation box professional packaging protection, A good case to the unit of protection Pixel Pitch: P10, P12, P15, P16, P20, P25, P31, P40, P50, P60, P70, P80, P100, P150, P200 We also make the customers' design of specific requirement on pixel pitch & size, please contact us directly at anytime
Jeaka or OEM / ODM
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LED Lights: DIP / SMD 3528 / 5050
ISO9001:2008 TUV CE Rohs