Anelion SW3.5 Small Wind Turbine

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February 25, 2014
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Anelion SW3.5 small wind turbine (3.5kW @ 12m/s) models (grid-tied and off-grid) are maintenance-free, silent and monitored and controlled by a state-of-the art electronic power control. This power control technology provides the following features to our small wind turbines: Maximum efficiency. The accurate electronic control of the operational parameters of our reliable small wind turbines throughout the powercurve achieves efficiency values close to those of high power wind turbines. The result is better outcome performance to a smaller size products. Maintenance-free. By avoiding the mechanical power regulation (which is the most common source of failure and downtime of the wind turbine) and deploying the electronic power control, enables our domestic wind turbines to eliminate all maintenance needs. Low noise levels. Continuous monitoring of the rotor speed, along with careful design of the blade airfoil, allows to minimize the noise generated by our small wind turbines at any wind speed.
Anelion SW3.5 small wind turbine (3.5kW @ 12m/s) models, for grid-tied and off-grid or isolated applications.
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Wind turbines entirely designed and manufactured in Spain