60kw Vertical Axis Wind Turbine - SAWT Inc.

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March 26, 2014
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Performance: Rated Power: 50 KW Max Power: 60 KW Rated Wind Speed: 13 m/s Cut-In Speed: 2 m/s Cut-Out Speed: 25m/s Survival Wind Speed: 60 m/s Physical Parameters: Mill Diameter: 13 m Mill Height: 9 m Blade Number:5 Blade Material: FRP Mill Weight: 10.8 ton Tower Height & Weight: 11.5m(2.8 ton) Tower Style: Truss Structure Generator Parameters: Type: PMG 3 Phase Rated Voltage: AC 450V Rated Current: AC 64.2A Protection & Braking System: Speed Control Style: Active Hydraulic Pitch Control Brake Style: Automatic Hydraulic Brake Protection Level: IP54 Remote Monitoring System Advantages of VAWT: ● Nearly Quiet ● Birds Friendly ● More Safety Features ● Wonderful Performance at Lower Wind Speed ● Captures Wind from All Directions ● Higher Efficiency ● Longer Working Life ● Less Maintenance ● Less Requirements on Foundation ● Lower Supporting Tower
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WindMill & controller & inverter & remote monitoring system