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August 11, 2016
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New Zealand
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What are Air Plants?

Air Plants (Tillandsia) are plants that can grow, and thrive, without the need for soil. Instead, Air plants take the water and nutrients that they require for survival through their specialised leaves.

Air plant varieties will vary throughout the year with availability – pictured is the exotically striking Tillandsia Bergeri, a stiff leaved air plant native to Brazil.

Air Plant stands from Tree Gifts NZ are circular in design and are designed for display on desks or coffee tables. This design highlights the beautiful grain of the pine timber along with showcasing the exotic air plant from all angles.

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Tree Gifts NZ
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Your Air Plant Set Includes: x2 Air Plants (each 7- 8cm) x 1 Air Plant Stand (12cm) x 1 Air Plant Stand (8cm) Presented in a 40cm pine gift box Each Air Plant gift set from Tree Gifts NZ comes with full care instructions and your personalised gift message.
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