Allergy Armor Organic Cotton Pillow Covers

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December 12, 2013
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Like our other Allergy Armor fabrics, Allergy Armor Organic is an effective dust mite barrier that helps those with asthma, allergies, COPD and other respiratory problems by blocking the most common household allergens – dust mites, as well as pollen and dander. Specially woven to provide an average pore size of 4.7 microns, these covers features a “tuck and cover” zipper design, and are constructed in our Atlanta, GA location. The fabric is GOTS certified organic cotton, free of chemical residues, finishers, dyes, and VOCs that are commonly found in modern textiles. The pillow covers are available in four sizes, and as the manufacturer, we also offer custom sizing.

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Allergy Armor
Made Of (Ingredients)
GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard