Charcoal Briquette Plant

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August 22, 2013
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Charcoal Briquette Plant Introduction
Charcoal briquette is renewable and eco-friendly energy especially for agricultural countries. The awareness of using bio-fuel is increasing day by day due to the soar of the traditional fuel cost. Charcoal biomass briquetting plant is an automatic briquetting plant that makes sawdust into briquettes with different size depending on customer’s requirements.
Carbonized Biomass Briquettes Features
1.Thermal efficiency of charcoal briquette bars is enhanced by 30%-40%.
2. Charcoal briquettes are silver black with glossy section in hollow quadrangle or hexagon columnar type.
3. Through high temperature, purification and smoke abatement, carbonization furnace makes semi-finished product into clean charcoals with no smoke, no flavor and innoxious.

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