Cocomosaic ENVI Series Stick

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Cocomosaic Australia
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November 12, 2013
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Product Description

ICOVERAGE: 1.04 square meters ( includes 10 Tiles)

DIMENSIONS: 600 x 200 (each tile)

MATERIAL: Recycled Wood

Cocomosaic products are used by many reputable Display Home Builders, Interior Designers, Architects as well as being used in a handful of comercial projects too.

Due to the uniqueness of the product as well as its eco-friendly appeal, it is gaining a wide interest in the design community. It is easy to install and gives a natural textured finish to enhance any room and with a variety of colours and designs, there is a finish to complement any decor theme.

Listing Information
Made Of (Ingredients)
Recycled & Reclaimed Wood
Sustainabilioty Furnishings Council US Green Building Council