Cottonseed Oil Pretreatment and Pressing Machine

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February 25, 2014
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The production line of cottonseed pretreatment and cottonseed oil pressing machine can process various kinds of cottonseeds with high down content of 7%-8%. It adopts multiple cottonseed kernel and shell separation processes in order to acquire cottonseed meal proteins up to 46-48%. This automatic controlled cottonseed oil pretreatment and pressing machine provides highly stable, automatically processing of cottonseed in operation.

Featured characteristics of cottonseed pretreatment and oil pressing:

● Advanced design and high efficiency process. The cottonseed pretreatment and oil pressing machine absorbs superior designs of multiple separation processes, vertical steaming and stir – frying cauldron, and complete dust removal system so as to achieve the best quality cottonseed for pretreatment.

● High quality cottonseed and stable operation. Mature cottonseed shell removal design combined with high efficiency separation process fulfills highly safe, stable running and operation of cottonseed pretreatment as well as high quality cottonseed meal with high protein and mere shells.

● High purity cottonseed and perfect flaking result. High purity cottonseed makes it easily to obtain super thin and qualified flakes from flaking machine smoothly and safely.

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Type: cottonseed pretreatment, cottonseed oil pressing Processing material: cottonseed Capacity: 30-5000T/D Major Equipment: wind separator, dehuller machine, vibrating separator, flaking roller, cooker, oil presser Application: high efficiency cottonseed pretreatment, cottonseed oil pressing
CE, ISO9001