Disc Wood Chipper Machine

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February 6, 2014
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Get to know wood chipper machine
Wood chipper machine is also known as wood slicer and tree chipper which is an important device in wood material processing industry. Wood slicer machine mainly uses wood logs, large branches, brushwood, wood slab, waste veneer, bamboo, etc. as materials and processes them into wood pieces s or slices with certain specifications. Our wood chipper machine can be divided into disc wood slicer and drum wood chipper, customers can make their own decisions based on raw materials, budgets and other specific requirements.

Disc tree chipper machine advantages
1.Wood slices or chips length is adjustable and thus disc wood chipper has wide application in wood pellet making, papermaking, fiberboard, wood shavings industry, etc.
2.Low-voltage motor or high-voltage motor for preference. Belt conveyor can be equipped for large capacity wood chips processing.
3.Raw materials are of variety such as log, branch, bamboo, limb, cotton stalk, slab, wood leftovers, etc.
4.Compact structure,large capacity and high quality wood chips, but low electricity consumption and noise.
5.Disc blades are made of alloy steel or stainless steel; NSK or SKF bearings; robust and durable.

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