EcoVacPac Twin Quilted Natural Latex Mattress

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April 11, 2014
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The EcoVacPac Twin Quilted Natural Latex Mattress is identical to our Twin Quilted Natural Latex Mattress except for three important differences: 1) It has a zippered organic cotton and wool cover 2) the 6″ core of all natural latex foam is vacuum packed into a package that is a fraction of the size of the actual mattress, and 3) because vacuum packing enables us to ship the mattress to you much more economically, you save hundreds of dollars on this mattress. When you receive it, you take it out of the vacuum pack, allow the latex reconstitute to its original size, place it in the zippered cover, zip it up, and for this small amount of effort you are rewarded with the most economical, truly organic latex mattresses available today.
These natural latex mattresses come in three different levels of firmness: medium, firm and extra firm. The King size model can be made with two different firmnesses on each side, allowing you to have two different firmnesses choices for each person in the bed, please call us for details if you want this option.

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