Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine

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August 22, 2013
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Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine Introduction
Flat die wood pellet mill is developed on the basis of flat die feed pellet mill.Compare to grain raw material for animal feed pellets, pelletizing large volume but low density biomass like sawdust, agricultural residues, energy crops require higher pressure. With an electric engine you can precisely adjust the speed of pellet machine die or roller by the transmission of gear-boxes which is connected to the motor. In this way, you can perfectly control wood pellet quality. Our biomass pellet press can process various biomass material into pellets for green fuel and animal bedding.

Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill Features
▷The machine can suppress biomass pellets( sawdust, forestry wastes, crops straw, grain husks) and grain feed pellets.
▷Flexible design of driven or stationary pellet roller and die,compact structure, good appearance.
▷Suitable to medium, small size wood pellet plants or family for commercial heating or warming.
▷Pellet production need no chemical, glue or other additives.
▷High pellet output, low energy consumption, low noise and breakdown rate, economic and durable.

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