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April 8, 2013
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AMS Hydraulic Oil Press-Suitable for Individual Use
Different from screw oil press, hydraulic oil press is featured by its flexibility and efficiency. Hydraulic oil press is considered to be ideal oil pressing equipment for home use. Fast pressing process ensures you eat fresh and assured edible oil at any time.

AMS Hydraulic Oil Press(Specialized in sesame oil) Features
1.AMS hydraulic oil press is most suitable for processing sesame oil, while, other oil seeds like walnut, camellia, pine nuts( the peeled one is the best), almond ,etc. can also be pressed.
2.The main component is equipped with high quality silicon-manganese material, ensuring a reliable operation and long time service.
3.Low energy consumption and little maintenance cost.
4.High oil yield, especially for sesame oil.
5. One pressing process only needs 8-12minutes.

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carboned steel