Luna Dream Buckwheat Hull Baby Mat w/ Cover – 100% Organic Cotton FREE SHIPPING

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November 22, 2013
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*** FREE SHIPPING!!! ***

These luxurious mats make a perfect gift for that special mom or baby in your life!

Lay your baby on a mat of eco-friendly luxury with our Luna Dream and Tummy Time Buckwheat Hull Mat made with 100% organic cotton fabric and thread. Ideal for naps and tummy time, our organic and all natural mat is perfect for baby and the environment.

Each mat is lovingly hand made for each customer, keeping your baby in our loving and uplifting thoughts throughout the entire mat making process. Only a limited number of mats are produced each month so that we can maintain our high level of quality standards.


Luxurious organic cotton velour cover is included.
Buckwheat hulls grown in US and are triple vacuumed to remove dust
Mat and cover are hand-made in the US
Lightweight and convenient for on-the-go families – baby can always have a familiar and comfortable piece of home, wherever they are
Luxurious 100% organic cotton velour cover cradles your baby in softness
Mat holds its shape and can be rolled and formed to elevate colicky or stuffy babies
Buckwheat hulls provide soft, non-compressive support for tender bodies. Hulls perfectly contour the body to provide stress free support
Hulls allow air flow to help keep baby cool in summer and warm in winter
Use on floor, in cribs, bassinets, cribs, nurseries, day care, and on the go
Large mat area for longer use as baby grows.
Both mat and cover are entirely free from plastics, chemicals, or any other harmful substance. This mat is truly 100% organic.
Each mat is issued a Certificate of Authenticity and a serial number and we maintain a record of every mat sold. Beware of counterfeit mats. If purchasing a mat secondhand and you need to verify the authenticity, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Mat dimensions 31″ x 33″

*** IMPORTANT: These mats are NOT waterproof. We searched for an eco-friendly, non-toxic method of waterproofing but could not find one that we would be comfortable with our babies being so close to. We do not use plastics in our products. We will never produce or sell products that we don’t use with our own family, because your babies are just as important as ours and also deserve the best. We recommend placing a puddle pad between the cover and the mat for little accidents. We offer 100% organic virgin wool, hand felted, puddle pads that are made to fit the mats, or you may use a store bought moisture barrier.

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The Belle Luna
Made Of (Ingredients)
Buckwheat Hulls - Grown in US, pesticide free, fertilizer free, chemical free. Organic Cotton Twill - Milled in US Organic Cotton Velour - Milled in US Organic Cotton Thread