Microbial Oil Refining Machine

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February 25, 2014
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Microbial oil (single cell oil) is obtained from microbes with high dry cell-based oil up to 70% such as bacteria, mold, yeasts and algae, which is a Triglyceride (TG) consists of multiple polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). Microbial fermentation oil is a great method to develop new oil source and acquires various types of fatty acids.

General introduction of microbial oil refining technology:

● Bacterium selection. The current microbial oil materials mainly include alga, yeasts and molds.

● Bacteria cultivating expansion. The cultivation medium composition and conditions directly affect microbial oil quality and oil yield.

● Dry bacterium pretreatment. The bacterium pretreatment by organic solvent extraction is key technology of microbial oil refining.

● Microbial oil extraction. Organic solvent such as ether, isopropyl ether, chloroform, ether-ethanol, petroleum ether, chloroform-methanol makes effective oil extraction from granulated dry bacterium with high extraction equipment utilization, less powder in mix oil, good quality crude oil, no blocking of extraction pipe system. Keep temperature of no more than 50 degrees during granulation to avoid oil and fat oxidation, and recycle solvent through distillation under reduced pressure.

● Microbial Oil refinery. High quality microbial oil is available by processing of hydration, degumming, alkali refining, decolorization by active white clay and evaporation.

● No limitation of time and space.
● Buck production of fatty acid to meet people requirement.
● Fatty acid produced by microbes, especially polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) is widely applied in medicine, nutrition, biology etc.

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Type: low temperature oil extraction and refining from microbe Processing materials: microbe, yeast, mycete, bacteria, alga, mold Capacity: 1-500T/D Applications: Uniquely designed oil refining process from various microbes through advanced fermentation technology to obtain high quality microbial oil.
CE, ISO9001