Oilseeds Cleaning/Sifting Machine

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August 27, 2013
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Oilseeds cleaning and sifting is the first stage in oil pressing process aiming at removing coarse and fine impurities from the grain by sieving. This machine can be applied for various grains and seeds. After processed by this cleaning machine, the quality of seeds will be improved. It’s one of the most favorite grain cleaner in the global market.
Features of Oil Seeds Cleaning Machine
1.Good cleaning effect and high impurities removing efficiency.
2. Adopting horizontal contilever screen cylinder, ideal sieving efficiency.
3. Low power, high capacity, smooth and reliable running, compact structure and less floor space.
4. Wide application. It is widely used for pre-cleaning of raw materials in the industries of feed, oil seeds, flour, rice milling, grain warehouse, food, ect.

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Made Of (Ingredients)
stainless carbon steel