Organic Cotton Mini Lounge Skirt

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June 8, 2013
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Our 100% Organic Cotton Mini Lounge Skirts are made with the softest, premium jersey knit cotton (soft as a well-worn t-shirt!), and are designed to be chic but practical. With a length of 16.5″, this delicious soft Organic Cotton skirt is really a skater skirt / tennis skirt / mini skirt hybrid! Flouncy enough to be comfy and cute but A-line enough to be stylish, this cotton skirt is perfect for lounging at home, to wear to the beach, a lunch date or a party, or to dress up a bit and wear out on a beautiful night.

Listing Information
The Original Lounge Skirts are manufactured by Lounge Skirts, LLC in Irvine, CA.
Made Of (Ingredients)
100% premium Organic Cotton jersey knit
USDA Certified