Palm Kernel Crushing Machine

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August 27, 2013
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Palm kernel crusher is designed for crushing all types of oil seeds like sunflower, mustard,groundnut,sesame,soybean,copra,palm
kernel, shea nut and various other edible and non edible oil seeds. Besides, this seeds crushing machine can be used in food processing industry or the pretreatment of oil production plants. There are various capacities suitable for small as well large oil press plants.
* Equipped with the dust collector, which is used to avoid spatter of the fragment when crushing.
* Equipped with automatic electric controller.
* Multifunctional.Suitable for crush all kinds of oil seeds, crops.
* High working efficiency, low energy consumption.
* Simple structure, steady running, easy to operate and maintain.
* Can be designed based on actual requirements.

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Made Of (Ingredients)
stainless carbon steel