Palm Kernel Shelling Machine

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February 25, 2014
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This palm kernel shelling and separating machine is specially and newly developed to be used for cracking and separating palm nuts. It consists of palm nuts sheller

machine and palm nuts kernel separator machine. The palm nuts shelling machine is mainly applicable for dividing the palm kernels into the outer hard shell with high

efficiency. The separating machine is for separating the palm nuts kernels from the cracked shells clearly and completely. There are two different types with capacity of

200-300kg/h and 1000kg/h as your choice. inquiry please go to amisyshellingmachine at gmail dot com
Advantages of Large Palm Nuts Shelling and Separating Machine
1. Taking advantage of different gravity of shell and kernel to separate
2. High shelling rate over 95%
3. Good quality, suitable for different nuts
4. Easy operation. Just put the mixture in the shaft, then kernel and shell will flow from two sides.
5. Reasonable design and low broken rate

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stainless steel