Photovoltaic Measurer PCE-SPM 1

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December 12, 2013
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The PCE-SPM 1 Photovoltaic Measurer is the optimal device for solar engineers, architects and those working in the field of solar engineering. This Photovoltaic Measurer will measure solar power. Parameters such as current and voltage can also be measured with an optional multimeter with data logger, device. This allows the user to take measurements over extended periods of time to determine the compilation and layout of a photovoltaic system. Light intensity is measured using a silicon crystal. The integrated processor in the Photovoltaic Measurer is responsible to make automatic corrections to ensure accuracy after calibrating each device in the solar simulator. The most important parameter is Ptot (in W/m²) and can be seen clearly on the display. Data saved in the internal memory (32,000 readings) can be transferred to a computer by way of software and cable connection. This Photovoltaic Measurer has been developed for the use outside and is made of a durable enclosure that is weather resistant. Its compact design makes it an ergonomic device

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