Solar Chest Freezer

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December 10, 2013
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The size leading Solar Chest Freezer (9 & 14 cu.ft), SunStar with a spacious storage and fine finishing.

SunStar Solar Chest Freezer with 4.5″ of polyurethane insulation. The units run on 12V or 24V DC battery with self sensing voltage. With this alternative appliance using solar panel technology, you can easily save money on your high electricity bills! The freezer consumes minimal amount of energy from the panel and the battery, they can even work with your existing ones!

This is one of the most efficient freezers on the market! Featuring a coated steel interior and double gaskets, it conserves energy by establishing tightest seal possible therefore reducing cold loss and frost buildup. Lastly, the unit comes with built in cooling fan for faster cooling and longer compressor life.

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Made Of (Ingredients)
Steel with Anti-Bacteria Coating Plastic Compressor (12/24V)