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December 21, 2013
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The size leading Solar Chest Freezer, SunStar also expand its series of refrigerator line.

SunStar refrigerator come with various sizes(6 / 7.4/ 10.6 cu.ft). The units run on a 12 volt or 24 volt DC Battery (self sensing input voltage). The SunStar Solar Refrigerator conveniently come with an adjustable refrigerator thermostat to adjust temperature in 7 mode setting.
With this alternative appliance using solar panel technology, you can easily save money on your high electric bills. SunStar Appliances take a minimal amount of energy from the panel and from the battery pack- they can even work with your existing one. The SunStar Solar Refrigerator featuring a fridge automatic defrost, reversible door with magnetic seal saving energy by sealing the tightest seal possible and has no cold loss and low frost build-up. SunStar Solar Refrigerator also feature the same efficiency with the Solar Chest Freezer, fast cool-down and longer compressor life.
This is especially excellent in location such as:
~Off Grid Living , Cabins, Fishing and Hunting Camps, RV Living, Medical, Markets & Stores, Missionaries, Farms,

Suitable Uses: Cooling, Ice Making, Storage

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/Plastic / Compressor (12/24V)