Subcritical Fluid Extraction Machine

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February 25, 2014
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Huatai subcritical fluid extraction machine provides the most advanced oil extraction method for high expense oilseeds, and maintains high quality of extracted oil. It utilizes extracting fluid to extract oil in sealed pressure vessel with low pressure and oxygen free, and separate solvent of butane from the oil. This advanced subcritical extraction technology is widely applicable in special edible oil, vegetable protein, fine chemicals, natural pigment, medicine and food industry.

Advantages of subcritical fluid extractiong process line:

● Good quality granules or cakes after extraction. The subcritical fluid extraction machine keeps the original heat-sensitive material not damaged, and invariance rate of water-soluble protein can reach up to 95%. The invariance of grain residual pigment provides convenience for further development of vegetable protein and senior feed. The residual is less than 1% and residual solvent is less than 50ppm.

● Low solvent addition and environment protection. Huatai advanced subcritical fluid extraction technology has low solvent consumption of less than 10kg per ton material. There is no addition of steam but only 90℃ hot water to obtain 70% energy saving, and total environmental protective project.

● Room temperature extraction and low temperature (less than 40℃) desolventizing. This low production cost subcritical extraction machine adopts room temperature extraction and low temperature desolventizing extraction, having no destroy of hot-sensitive material inside extracted oil. Subcritical fluid extraction technology is an ideal process for precious shelf oil and natural pigment extraction.

● Turnkey project with reliable service. Huatai owns rice experience in subcritical fluid extraction plant from design, manufacturing and installation more than 30 years. Our engineer support team will provide the most mature and scientific oil extraction production line for customers.

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Type: subcritical fluid extraction Processing material: Walnut Kernel, Grape Seed, Maize Germ, Microorganism, Wolfberry, Tomato Seed, Pumpkin Seed, Poppy seed, Peony Seed, Wheat Germ, Safflower Seed, Cornel Seed, Cashew Capacity: 5-100T/D Major equipment: Extractor, Separator, Pump, Chiller, Purifying System, Storage tank, Mixer Application: Subcritical fluid extraction of high expense oilseeds