Team 7 Riletto Bed

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August 29, 2012
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Riletto is exceptionally customizable. The version shown here is a wooden headboard, solid European hardwood bed side tables with wooden sides and end. Stability and the absence of metal are assured by complex, traditional wood connections.

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Our furniture is made exclusively from native hardwoods grown in sustainably managed forests. We use formaldehyde-free glues and finish the surface with herbal oils. The wood's natural aesthetic appeal and valuable properties are preserved in this way. Pure wood lives and breathes. It contributes decisively to a room's healthy, pleasant climate, for it absorbs moisture and smells, and it is anti-static as well as dust-repellent. Furniture made from natural wood is therefore particularly recommended for allergy-sufferers. Our oils are supplied by leading manufacturers whose products are declared in full, thus ensuring transparency. To eliminate pollutants in the living environment, all incoming wood is tested for radioactivity, a procedure which we have applied consistently ever since the disaster in Chernobyl. Furniture made from natural wood is not only healthy to live in, but also very easy to care for. A sanding pad and herbal oil is all that is needed to let the wood look as good as new at any time.
Made Of (Ingredients)
Choice of the following completely natural hardwoods: Alder Beech Core Beech Oak Cherry Walnut Contains no synthetic materials, zero metal components (complex wooden joinery). May be finished in natural leather or entirely of wood.
ISO 14001 EMAS EU Eco-Audit Full sustainability report: