Teaseed Oil Extraction Machine

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February 25, 2014
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Huatai teaseed oil extraction technology adopts advanced and the best-scheduled oil extraction method through soaking or spraying pre-pressed teaseed cake by organic solvent. This scientific edible oil extraction process line ensures stable and reliable operation, high oil yield, and low residual oil.

General introduction of vegetable oil – teaseed oil extraction processing line:

● Scientific designed edible oil extraction with high oil yield and low residual oil. Huatai adopts solvent pumps combing with rotary extractor to make continuous spaying of solvent onto pre-pressed teaseed cake inside rotary extractor. The fat can be dissolved in solvent until getting wet teaseed meal and miscella.

● High efficiency separation of miscella. The phospholipid and impurities in miscella will react after addition of 10% saline water in miscella tank to obtain purifying of miscella. D.T.D.C desolventizer-toaster separates the solvent from the wet meal of teaseed cake.

● Solvent removal in miscella. The miscella stripping tower will remove the solvent in miscella, and solvent will be discharged to condenser for recycling. The crude teaseed oil will be purely extracted after separation of cooled gas solvent from wet meal and miscella for recycling in condenser.

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Type: crude oil extraction from teaseed cake Processing Material: teaseed Capacity: 30-500T/D Major equipment: extractor, D.T.D.C desolventizer-toaster, 1st evaportator, 2nd evaporator stripping tower, dryer, condenser, absorber Application: crude teaseed oil extraction for pre-press extraction of high oil content material and direct one time extraction of low oil content material such as oil tea cake, teaseed cake, coconut cake, peanut, sesame
CE, ISO9001