Vertical Steam Roasting Machine

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August 27, 2013
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Vertical steam cooker roaster can process seeds by heating, steaming and stir-frying, it will improve quality of crude oil and oil cakes, and increase oil yield.
Characteristics of Steam Roasting Machine
* This roaster is enclosed type and can avoid heat scattering outside;multifunctional to steam and fry oil seeds, thus speed up oil seed fried speed.
* Continuous tilting work, fried materials are stirred continuously to make their surface contact with the pan evenly, which avoids some imperfections of the fried seeds such as raw and cooked not evenly, flammable and easy to coke.
* Compact structure, convenient operation, high efficacy.* Best quality and service, reasonable price. Wide application.
* Water content: 5-10 %; Temperature: 105-110 degrees.

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Made Of (Ingredients)
stainless carbon steel