Rainwater Harvesting

Average rainfall in US cities (Countrystudies.us). Precipitation data for 2,000 cities worldwide is available in this historical database.

System manuals: The Texas Manual on Rainwater Harvesting (PDF)

RiverSides – Backyard Clean Water for Clean Rivers
RiverSides manufactures the #1 ranked RiverSafe residential rain barrel for large-scale residential neighbourhood rain harvesting programs. RiverSides' mission is to support watershed protection groups and municipal stormwater utility programs across North America by helping them build creative programs that achieve measurable and sustainable results for stormwater management and successful neighbourhood engagement using the #1 ranked RiverSafe RainBarrel. Contact us to learn how we can form a clean water partnership that achieves tangible results for your neighbourhood watershed, river or bay.
RainHarvest Systems – www.rainharvest.com
RainHarvest Systems is removing the barriers for widespread deployment of rain harvesting systems in the US. We carry all of the major brands of tanks, cisterns, pumps and filters at the best prices in our warehouse and retail showroom. For more info call 770-889-2533 or visit our e-commerce site at www.rainharvest.com.
ASC Water Tanks is an online store for all your rain water tank needs. We specialize in slimline water tanks, round water tanks and underground water tanks to Melbourne and Sydney.
Rainwater system consulting. System example: Huehuecoyotl Rainwater from seasonal waterfall for household use and hydroelectric power, from roofs for drinking.
Rainwater Harvesting and Stormwater Reuse.
Serving Tucson, Green Valley, Vail, Sahuarita, Oro Valley, Marana and surrounding areas. We supply the Tucson area with the highest quality seamless rain gutters and rain water harvesting systems. We are a licensed contractor and a member of the Better Business Bureau.
Complete Systems For: Gardens, Residential Homes, Integrated Residential Systems, Commercial Use, Agricultural, Parks, Playgrounds & Campgrounds.
We offer a full range of services from rainwater harvesting and landscape design to site planning and project management.
An award winning, licensed and insured, full-service design and build company. WELDesign designs and installs custom rainwater catchment and storage systems to precisely meet your property and landscapes needs.
The RainHarvest System is a unique filtration device which turns rain water into usable household water, both conserving this precious resource and the environment in the process.
SkyJuice New England offers simple, inexpensive, community driven water saving methods. By disconnecting a small portion of rooftop runoff from stormwater systems our programs connects individuals to their watershed. Saving water can help protect local watersheds, ground water and surface water quality.
Wood barrels to the nursery industry for planters and decorative accessories. Rainbarrels
Design and installation of systems. Online rainwater design handbook.
Manufacturer, retailer of rain barrels.
Designs and implements rainwater harvesting systems ranging from small-scale, manually operated systems to large-volume storage systems fully integrated into a facility's outdoor or non-potable water use infrastructure.
The product that we sell is made from recycled 55 gallon plastic barrels. We clean them up, install hose fittings and an insect-proof inlet and put them out for distribution. The idea is that the homeowner places their rain barrel under the downspout from their roof to collect an incredible amount of rainwater ...
We strive to turn Albuquerque into the model for urban rainwater harvesting. With an average rainfall of 9, a 1,000 square foot house can harvest ~5,400 gallons of rainwater a year. You can use this water to grow your own organic food, water your landscape, flush your toilets, wash your clothes, drink, etc.
BRAE markets complete rainwater management solutions like Matrix D-RainTank for underground stormwater detention, infiltration and rainwater harvesting applications, CorGal and TimberTanks water storage cisterns and TurfCell permeable paving.
Provides rainwater harvesting systems for residential and commercial applications. 100% recycled content rain barrels.
A full service consultancy specializing in Rainwater Harvesting and Stormwater Management. Self-cleaning filters, from 50 gallon rain barrels to 50,000 gallon tanks, Stark Environmental can provide the technology and knowledge to assemble nearly maintenance-free rainwater harvesting systems.
Specializing in rain barrel - gardening water supplies - garden water tools and rain water barrel accessories. Our products range from rain barrels to ph measurement tools. Give your garden and plants the best care possible by purchasing the most attractive and reliable rain barrel on the market today.
We install and service rainwater collection systems for Central Texas communities including Austin, Dripping Springs, Bee Cave, Wimberly, Cedar Park, New Braunfels, Marble Falls, San Marcos, and many others. Call us today to discuss your rainwater needs.
A Factory Authorized Distributor for WISY products. This site will provide information to help you develop your rainwater collection system as well as providing the opportunity to specify and purchase WISY products.
Rainwater Harvesting & Water Conservation Systems. Now available at The Rain Well: galvanized metal cisterns, poly cisterns, modular cisterns, agricultural tanks, rainwater harvesting tanks, rain barrels, and water storage tanks. Delivery available Nationwide.
Supplies, Design and Information for Rainwater Harvesting Systems.
Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions like "How much does a system cost?" ... You can view or download our catalog, a comprehensive list of the stuff it takes to make rainwater collection flow smoothly from tanks, to pumps, to ultraviolet lights.
Innovative Water Solutions is a full-service water conservation planning, design, and system installation company for commercial and residential projects. We specialize in rainwater harvesting and greywater recovery systems. We strive to provide solutions that integrate water conservation with innovative technologies.
Rainwater storage tanks- cisterns, level indicators and downspout filters.
Rainwater Management Systems in Salem, Virginia, deals with Rainwater harvesting and water management solutions.
Local supplier of quality, affordable rain barrels in the Seattle area. Downspout extenders etc.
City of Austin water customers (and customers of eligible MUDs) may purchase rain barrels from Austin Water Conservation at a discounted price of $60 per barrel.
Landscape design service and B&B. ZonaGardens advocates complete rainwater harvesting design solutions that incorporate desert-adapted plants into designs that store rainwater in the ground and/or in above-ground storage tanks.
A rainwater collection and storage system is investigated, focusing on water quality at various points: from roof runoff to an underground concrete cistern. A prototype sand filtration system (designed to improve water quality) is built and then tested. The result is complete removal of suspended solids.
The rainwater harvesting system at Zilker Botanical Gardens will benefit not only garden plants, but will help homeowners understand whether or not a rainwater harvesting system is right for them, and which features and types of materials they prefer.
Pro-rainwater harvesting commercial from CSE India
Dr. Kent Butler explains the benefits of rainwater harvesting.
This is one of four 5500 gallon cisterns being constructed by Innovative Water Solutions for a rainwater collection system in Denton, TX. Rainwater is directed from the buildings roof into these cisterns - the water is then used for irrigation.
The Garden Watersaver is an automatic rainwater collection system has advantages over other rain water collecting systems. For example: any container that can hold water can become a water reservoir, can be deactivated in seconds during winter or when stored water is not needed.
The Rainwater Collections is active on the West Coast of British Columbia designing and implementing rainwater collection/harvesting systems. Rainwater is a sustainable alternative to well water.
Various rainwater barrel models for sale.
Online documented case-study.
Rainharvesting Systems Ltd is a UK company offering a complete solution to harvesting rainwater.
Rainwater harvesting systems for domestic and commercial applications from Freerain.
Specialising solely in rainwater harvesting solutions and supplying a UK designed and manufactured product has made us a preferred choice for public and private clients again and again.
We work directly with our clients who include Architects, Developers and Contractors. Design, supply and installation of complete systems including the internal pipe work to the point of use.
World leader in onsite and decentralized wastewater treatment, water storage and rain water harvesting solutions, Premier Tech Aqua specializes in the design and manufacturing of innovative and durable solutions.
We are specialised in water efficiency technologies especially rainwater harvesting, greywater recycling systems. Our systems and products range from small domestic irrigation systems to large commercial and industrial systems such as airports or stadiums.
3P Techniks policy of continuous innovation means that we can offer the widest choice of components covering all 4 steps in the cleaning of rainwater. If you think we havent got what you are after, contact us, as our range is vast and constantly being enhanced.
Rainwater harvesting systems for domestic and industrial applications.
Storage tanks, filters, rainwater collectors, suction and pressure pumps, ...
Illuminated rainwater storage Lumi emphasises colour, shape and light in creating an innovative and sculptural solution using superior quality materials - Incorporates lighting to illuminate gardens, courtyards and decks - Offers an extensive range of saturated colours ...
ARCSA was founded in Austin, Texas in 1994 to promote rainwater catchment systems in the United States. Membership consists of professionals working in city, state, and federal government, academia, manufacturers and suppliers of rainwater harvesting equipment, consultants, and other interested individuals.
The International Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (IRCSA) aims to promote and advance rainwater catchment systems technology with respect to planning, development, management, science, technology, research and education worldwide; establish an international forum for scientists, engineers, educators,...
Germany's Rainwater Harvesting Association.
RHAs vision is safe freshwater for sustainable livelihoods and ecosystem conservation in all regions of the world. IRHAs mission is to promote Rainwater Harvesting, within the context of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), linking local social and economic development with the protection of vital ecosystem
An international network with the aim to increase access to water for vulnerable sections of society in developing countries - women and children in particular - by collecting and storing rainwater in water tanks and wells.
The online Rainwater Harvesting Community: dedicated to the advancement of sustainable water management practices for individuals, families, communities, and businesses. We share knowledge and experiences in the following ways: advancing specific, common-sense recommendations for water conservation developing a best-practices repository in rainwater harvesting sharing stories, practical tips, cautions and notes of interest ...
Book by Brad Lancaster. A new book to help you create an abundant & productive landscape fed by the rain. Strategies, tips, illustrations, examples, success stories & more.
Study by University of Arizona: Components, simple and complex systems.
Rainwater harvesting evaluation report, FAQ's, RWH map of Texas, resources...
Study by Texas Water Development Board. Rainwater Harvesting System Components, Water Quality and Treatment, Water Balance and System Sizing, Rainwater Harvesting Guidelines, Cost Estimation, Financial and Other Incentives, References and Case Studies.
Save the Rain is campaigning for rainwater harvesting to be compulsory in all new builds and for grants to be available for rainwater harvesting equipment for homes now - just like grants for loft insulation.
The main internal publications of the DTU are Working Papers, Technical Releases and Research Notes. Most DTU publications are available here for download in a number of formats and hard copies of Working Papers are available free on request to the DTU.
Rain water club has particular interest in rainwater harvesting, eco friendly architecture, water recycling, reuse and waste water treatment for houses, industries, institutions and apartments.
India and rainwater harvesting potential. Directory: CSE is compiling a nationwide database of people involved in urban rainwater harvesting.
Research for application in developing world. Technology, styles, sizing, tank performance calculator, health issues, resources, discussion list.
The course is designed to give a background knowledge of rainwater harvesting to all those interested. It is intended for people working in NGOs and governments who think that rainwater harvesting could be used within their work.
The Filterra Stormwater Bioretention Filtration System harnesses the power of nature to capture, cycle and immobilize pollutants to treat urban runoff. For effective stormwater management, the combination of landscape vegetation and a specially designed filter media allows bacteria, metals, nutrients and total suspended solids (TSS) to be removed naturally.
StormwaterAuthority is a place where specifying engineers, contractors, developers, site owners and regulators can learn and share information. Its a place to research best management practices and regulations. A place with the latest news on stormwater management and treatment.

Rainwater Harvesting - Free listings

The Original Rainwater Pillow is designed to be stored in your crawl space or under a deck. Sizes from 1,000 gallons up to 40,000 gallons. Sold as a easy to install kit.
Front Range Precast Concrete
Colorado, Boulder
Manufacturers of FLXX Watertight Concrete Tanks for septic systems and cisterns for water storage, fire protection and rainwater harvesting, and the sole distributor for the HOOT ATU in Colorado.
Maryland, Gaithersburg
Simple, superior rain barrel design from refurbished barrels. Aquabarrels patent pending design features oversized overflow port and hose outlet at the lowest point on barrel.
Australia, Victoria, Preston
We offer a range of alternative water tank systems so that your tank captures the rain.
High Desert Rain Catchment
Arizona, Prescott
High Desert Rain Catchment consults, designs and installs rainwater harvesting and greywater systems.
Gulfstream Irrigation
North Carolina, Raleigh
Authorized irrigation installer specializing in rainwater irrigation systems in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, and Wake Forest, NC. Offering new installations and retrofits to existing sprinkler systems.
Aquascape, Inc.
Illinois, St. Charles
The Aquascape RainXchange Systems are a revolutionary design that combines a recirculating decorative water feature with a sub-surface rainwater harvesting collection system.
The most rugged, durable and attractive rain barrel on the market. Made in the USA from high quality recycled materials.
Wet Earth
Australia, Victoria
Wet Earth offers a range of water tanks designed to fit in narrow urban gardens.
Ties with Nature Ponds and Gardens
Canada, British Columbia, Nainamo

Our unique rain water harvesting systems join water features and naturescaping to create sustainable wildlife habitats.

RainSafe™ is revolutionary treatment system converting harvested rainwater to clean, fresh, drinking water for all your needs ant it's chemical free! Measuring close to the size of a European fridge-freezer, RainSafe™ can be discretely installed inside any home. It works in conjunction with most rainwater harvesting storage systems and can be installed in both new homes and retrofitted to existing systems. The RainSafe™ offers numerous advantages: - all your water needs from harvested rainwater  - saves you money on water bills  - adds no chemicals to your water  - very low running costs

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Wahaso - Water Harvesting Solutions, is a design-build firm specializing in custom commercial systems for harvesting rainwater, greywater (graywater) and other on-site water sources for non-potable uses like toilet flushing, irrigation and evaporative cooling system make-up. Wahaso provides consulting and system design services to engineers and architects and then delivers systems that are preassembled and tested on skids for installation by local contractors. The company was founded in 2008 and has designed systems for nearly 400 projects in the US and Canada.  

Drayton Tank
UK, Barking and Dagenham

Drayton Tank have been manufacturing quality storage tanks in Shropshire and South Yorkshire for over 20 years, supplying a range of GRP & Plastic Water, waste water, oil and chemical Tanks with sizes from 45 Litres up to 100,000 litres, suitable for the storage of most liquids including drinking / potable water in our WRAS approved water tanks and most chemicals and water up to 120 deg C in our F&E or Chemical tanks. 

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Precolor Tank Division
UK, Shropshire

Precolor Sales are UK leading Manufacturers and suppliers of Chemical and Water Storage Tanks. Suitable for a number of uses including Potable water, Rainwater Harvesting and mild Chemical storage. Providing Water Storage Tanks to well known locations from Manchester United Grounds to Windsor Caste.

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