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Building a stronger tomorrow with plastic lumber.
Plastics recycling information sheet.
American Chemistry Council's "U.S. & Canadian Recycled Plastic Products Directory." Assists private & public sector in locating products made with or packaged in recycled plastic.
Uniting diverse plastic lumber producers and other industry-related plastic lumber producers to promote recycled plastic lumber and other recycled plastic lumber products.

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We sell park benches, patio furniture, planters, trash receptacles and traffic safety products. All of our products are made from recycled plastic.
Eagle One
California, Anaheim
Eagle One designs and manufactures environmentally friendly, durable and aesthetic products for use on golf courses, resorts, hotels and restaurants.
Our outdoor furniture and lumber products use HDPE (high density polyethylene, commonly known as #2 plastic, one of the most popular types of discarded plastic.
Tangent Technologies, LLC.
Illinois, Aurora
We are the leading manufacturer of high-technology HDPE plastic lumber to the wholesale trade. Includes Tandeck product.
Barco Products Company
Illinois, Batavia
Our product selection includes recycled plastic benches, picnic tables and planters as well as trash receptacles, speed bumps, parking blocks and more.
100% plastic plywood (recycled from milk jugs), no wood fillers. Solid not hollow. Cuts like wood, routers, drills, etc with all the same tools you are using right now.
Manufactures a wide selection of commercial quality park, street and camp site products for parks, campgrounds, recreational areas, playgrounds and landscapes.
Manufacturers of a variety of 100% recycled plastic products that are heavy duty, long lasting alternatives to traditional materials.
Recycline, Inc.
Massachusetts, Waltham
Recycline makes Preserve - a line of stylish, high performance, eco-friendly products for your home. Made from 100% recycled plastics and 100% post-consumer paper.
Polly Products, LLC
Michigan, Mulliken
We manufacture all of our recycled plastic components for benches, tables, waste receptacles, park furniture & more.
Reprocessed Plastics, Inc.
Minnesota, Garfield
Our recycled plastic sheets have these qualities: durable and easily machined, excellent screw retention, rot & corrosion resistant, UV stable & fire resistant available, non-toxic.
Bedford Technology
Minnesota, Worthington
The sheet plastic is made of recycled high-density polyethylene. This can be used in place of plywood, is easy to clean, will not stain or rot like plywood, & is resistant to termites.
Yemm & Hart Ltd.
Missouri, Marquand
Origins is 100% high density polyethylene and is 100% post-consumer recycled (post-consumer detergent bottles).
Coon Manufacturing, Inc.
Missouri, Spickard
Pieces rotationally molded from linear-low density polyethylene plastic. Panels have a 3 inch polystyrene core with one-eighth inch P.E. glued on each side surrounded by a steel channel.
Sandhill Plastics, Inc.
Nebraska, Kearney
Superior plastic sheeting from 100% recycled plastic.
Committed to providing the finest products made from recycled plastic including: picnic tables, park benches, leisure decking, play structures & more.
PlasTEAK Inc.
Ohio, Copley
Made from 100% recycled plastic. Used for exposed finished cabinets, doors, paneling, and hatches. UV stabilized with solid color throughout.
Turtle Plastics
Ohio, Lorain
We are a sustainable products company manufacturing: turtle tiles, plastic cribbing, hose bridges, sprinkler shut-offs.
Plastic Lumber Yard
Pennsylvania, Norristown
Our plastic lumber is a solid, non-hollow foamed recycled product made from recycled high density polyethylene (ReHDPE) plastic. 100% plastic with no wood fillers.
Trelleborg Marine Systems
Virginia, Clearbrook
Provides a wide range of recycled plastic products to the marine industry, including marine fenders and buoys, elastomer coatings, plastic pilings and timber, & more.
Durable Plastic Design
Washington, Redmond
Formed to meet the increasing demand for durable, maintenance free products including recycled plastic lumber, park benches, picnic tables, adirondack chairs, & more.
Renew Plastics
Wisconsin, Luxemburg
Manufactures Evolve and Perma-Poly HDPE recycled plastic lumber for decking, dock, fencing, furniture, golf course, OEM, pallet, and trailer applications.
Location Not Available
Everlast plastic lumber is a product that is made of 100% recycled plastic HDPE. Materials that are made of HDPE natural include milk jugs, spring water jugs, etc.
Trex Company, Inc.
Location Not Available
Trex wood-substitute is made from about 50 percent recycled and reclaimed plastic, and 50 percent reclaimed wood. These materials would otherwise go unused in landfills.
Weyerhaeuser Company
Location Not Available
ChoiceDek takes advantage of a patented process that utilizes recycled wood fiber encapsulated in recycled polyethylene. This combination creates the ultimate decking material.
All of our plastic lumber products are made from 100% recycled plastic. We are committed to providing environmentally friendly, quality products that are affordable.

Offers Amish-designed outdoor furniture and other items built from recycled plastics.  

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Supplier of sacks and bags for the storage and collection of waste and recyclables. Products are developed with 100% recycled polythene, biodegradable & compostable bags.
Recycled plastic outdoor furniture and recycled plastic garden furniture.
Jayhawk Plastics Inc.
Kansas, Olathe
Jayhawk Plastics manufactures high quality, recycled plastic site furnishings for parks/rec, schools, cities, resorts, etc. We lead the industry in quality, customer service and fast delivery.
Plastic Recycling Machinery Manufacturers – Free Listings
All Women Recycling
South Africa

Eco handmade gift box the KLIKETYKLIKBOX(™) made from recycled PET soda bottles . creating the eco green perfect gift box to fill with your imagination. can be branded for corporate or everyday gifting. 

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Beginning with bales of post consumer natural and mixed color HDPE, our patented technologies transform the plastic into resin pellets and flakes that molders use to produce new bottles and containers. Including food grade plastics, no chemical dyes needed, 90% energy reduction on production.
Zhangjiagang Raidsant Machinery Co., Ltd has been providing innovative plastic recycling and tire recycling machinery for years.
Gridforce is the leading ground reinforcement grid, made from 100% recycled plastic. It provides a tough surface for driveways, car parks, pathways and more

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