Wind Turbine DIY Plans, Parts, Workshops

One stop shop for DIY wind generator parts at the lowest price ! Strong neodymium magnets, magnet wire, controllers, wind blades, wind turbine systems 400w to 3kw and books.
Projects, blade design, formula, magnets, ...
Specialized in magnets.
A resource of information and materials for alternative power sources.
Various designs for DIY micro-turbines for sale here.
Axial flux wind generator plans for sale in booklet form.
Introductions to wind systems, installation workshops, homemade wind generators, intertie systems, ...
With Hugh Piggot.

Wind Turbine DIY Plans, Parts, Workshops - Free listings

Project and information site for windmills, Solar power, CNC routers.
Leading specialists in manufacturing wind turbine parts including permanent magnet generators (alternators), grid connected (grid tie) inverters, and mechanical parts.
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