Cell Phone Recycling

Cell phones contain hazardous substances! Please re-use or recycle them.

Here is a list of some of the dangerous substances: Brominated Flame Retardants What? (A review) – Present in the dust on every screen and computer! (.PDF) – Clear Thyroid disruption riskYet, according to Wikipedia no or very low risk?!
 Lead:   EPA basic lead info   – Beryllium (Wikipedia) – Tantalum – Arsenic – Copper
INFORM‘s research has found that more than 90% of persistent and bioaccumulative toxic chemicals (PBTs) such as mercury, lead, and dioxins are leaving factories not as waste but in consumer and industrial products.

The businesses and organizations listed below accept donations of used cell phones for re-use or for scrap recycling. Some accept even broken equipment and will repair it. If items cannot be repaired they will be recycled in a responsible way (inquire about this as this may vary over time).

Recycle Ink Cartridges and get cash! Every year more than 1 billion Inkjet Cartridges are used; most are thrown away. Recycle inkjet cartridges is great for fundraising, helps schools and nonprofit organizations to fundraising success or make some extra cash for you or your company.
Cell phone and inkjet cartridge recycling fundraiser. Earn cash for every cell phone you collect including broken phones and phones not on our price list.
Get cash for your old cell phones.
Donate used cell phones for recycling, and help a charity!
Eco-Cell is a cell phone recycling program for environmentally minded fundraisers. Our passion is to provide our conservation partners with the most profitable, easy to use and environmentally sound cell phone recycling program possible.

Cell Phone Recycling - Free listings

ReCellOne purchases and recycles used cell phones from businesses, organizations and individuals with 10 or more phones. We pay cash for phones with second life market value.
Recycle ink cartridges and cell phones to help kids with cancer. Powerful fundraiser with generous payouts to schools, churches, and non-profits.
The new thing to do with an old cell phone. CRN helps reduce waste, conserve resources, keep toxins out of landfills, and fund various environmental and humanitarian organizations.
Recycling for Charities is a non-profit organization that allows individuals an opportunity to recycle electronics (cell phones) for value that is then donated to the charity of their choice.
Recycle your old mobile phones, iPods, Game discs, DVDs, CDs and other electronic equipment for cash payments.

Gizmogul was started in 2010 by three brothers from Boston, Mass. (Cory, 23, Barry, 29, Stephen, 32). They wanted to create a niche electronic recycling business that spoke to their generation. Gizmogul is a “cool” recycling company with a philanthropic attitude. They pay people fairly for their material while making a positive impact on the community. Currently, every cell phone recycled with Gizmogul helps build schools in developing nations and fund valuable afterschool programs both domestically and abroad with buildOn. 

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Send in your used cell phones and other electronics and receive either a check or PayPal payment in return.

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UK, Barking and Dagenham

SellMyMobile.com is the UK’s no. 1 mobile phone recycling price comparison site. Comparing more phone buyers than any other site so you are GUARANTEED of ALWAYS getting the most cash for your old mobile! 

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