Clean Energy Information by State

Solar Hot Water, Pool Heating, and PV for Lower Alabama and Mississippi.
Energy efficiency and renewables programs.
Information on cleaner-burning alternative fuels and the alternative fuel vehicles and fueling stations that are available in Alabama. Latest news in the alternative fuel industry as well as the various activities of our coalition.
Wind map. Regional summaries of wind resource estimates.
Current Alabama wind speed map
Current weather conditions in Alabama.
Solar panels, alternative energy, batteries and remote or mobile power products.
An online resource center for information, pricing, and services pertaining to independent power systems. We provide consultation, down to earth technical advice, and an extensive line of high quality and field tested power system components. We live and work in remote locations from the high arctic of Alaska to the Antarctic and Greenland.
Solar, water and wind energy systems and components. Heating, lighting, fans, appliances.
Solar and Wind Power Systems - on-grid (SNAP) or off-grid power systems with or without batteries - generator back up systems
Alaska energy profile - State energy data, information, and maps.

Manages or funds projects with state and federal funding in the areas of hydroelectric, wind, biomass, transmission and distribution, geothermal, diesel generation efficiency, and energy conservation. Projects seek to lower the cost of power and heat to Alaskan communities while maintaining system safety and reliability.

A coalition of urban and rural Alaska utilities, businesses, conservation and consumer groups, and Alaska Natives with an interest in developing Alaska's vast renewable energy resources.
Alaskan Villages Energy Self-Reliance Project. A W.I.S.H. Alaska will oversee the development of three projects in three communities to illustrate the viability of renewable wind, water and solar electric power in remote Alaskan communities while alleviating dramatic hardships for these native communities.
Wind maps. Regional summaries of wind resource estimates.

AEAs wind energy program provides information and technical assistance, wind monitoring equipment, and educational opportunities for Alaskans interested in this increasingly viable energy source.

Current Alaska wind speed map
Current weather conditions in Alaska. Current wind speed map
The Energy Office encourages energy efficiency and renewable-energy usage, provides energy information and policy advice, and supports reduced utility costs and improved comfort for Arizonas low-income residents. Arizona Energy Statistics

Comprehensive site that explores various solar energy technologies, including photovoltaics, solar water heating, solar cooking, wind power, solar education materials, solar products, solar services.

A non-profit trade association representing local, national and international solar companies in the Arizona market. The group's focus is on education, professionalism and promotion of public policies that support deployment of solar technologies in Arizona. (Chapter of the Solar Energy Industries Association)
Photovoltaic Testing Laboratory @ Arizona State University (ASU-PTL) is a world-renowned independent PV testing laboratory. ASU-PTL is also involved in PV and Fuel Cells Research & Development.
Wind map. Regional summaries of wind resource estimates.
Current Arizona wind speed map
Current weather conditions in Arizona.
Arkansas Wind map. Regional summaries of wind resource estimates.
Current Arkansas wind speed map
Current weather conditions in Arkansas.
This site provides consumers a "one-stop shop" for information on rebates, tax credits, and incentives for solar electricity systems in California. It is a joint effort of the California Energy Commission and the California Public Utilities Commission.
The Flex Your Power website is a comprehensive statewide resource for energy efficiency, providing information and tools to help California consumers and businesses save energy and money.
The Consumer Energy Center went on line in 1995 to offer the public a one-stop site on the Internet for the latest information about energy resources and how to use them wisely in our home, work and vehicles.
Beginning in 2007, the California Energy Commission will manage $350 million targeted for new residential building construction. It will use funds already allocated to the Energy Commission to foster renewable projects between 2007 and 2011. Called the New Solar Homes Partnership, it will focus on new residential construction.
The California Department of Conservation provides services and information that promote environmental health, economic vitality, informed land-use decisions and sound management of our state's natural resources.
The Institute provides practical, education by example and hands-on workshops on renewable energy, green building, sustainable living, permaculture, organic gardening and alternative, environmental, construction methods.
Lists events, solar news, extensive educational resources, and a full listing of our Business members. Solar home tours. (Chapter of ASES)
California Solar Energy Industries Association supports the widespread adoption of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems by educating consumers, supporting solar legislation and conducting business in a professional and ethical manner.
A non-profit corporation supported by members of the wind energy industry, including turbine manufacturers, project developers and owners, component suppliers, support contractors and others. CalWEA represents its members in California's policy forums, seeking to encourage and support the production of electricity through the use of wind generators.
Regional chapter of the American Solar Energy Society. The organization is dedicated to increasing the intelligent use of renewable and sustainable energy technologies in San Diego County. Educate the public about the near and long-term applications and benefits of renewable energy, conservation and energy efficiency, ....
A not-for-profit local program to encourage more solar energy on residential, business, and public properties in Richmond, California. Solar tours offered.
The Consortium provides a forum for a coordinated approach for developing wind energy systems beneficial to California's unique topology and supports the existing wind industry by maintaining a wind database, developing a wind energy technician training plan, preparing White Papers on current industry issues, and developing a wind anemometer loan program plan.
Overview of Wind Energy. Fast Facts About Wind Energy. Map Showing Wind Potential in California.
Regional summaries of wind resource estimates.
Current California wind speed map
Current weather conditions in California. Current wind speed maps available.
A statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy organization. Our professional staff combines independent research, practical ideas and tough-minded advocacy to overcome the opposition of powerful special interests and win real results for California's environment.
A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting energy efficiency. Founded in 1990, CHEERS® was approved in 1999 by the California Energy Commission as the first home energy rating provider under the Home Energy Rating System Regulations.
Colorado incentives for renewable energy. Financial incentives, rules, regulations, policies. Related programs and initiatives.
Your one-stop shop for energy efficiency and renewable energy information in Colorado.
A nonprofit organization that promotes renewable energy, energy efficiency and green building in western Colorado and beyond.
A nonprofit membership organization that works for the sensible adoption of cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies by Colorado businesses and consumers. It holds regular educational events throughout the state.
Promotes the social, economic, and environmental benefits of solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, and energy efficiency technologies.
The Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association represents and serves energy professionals and renewable energy users. We promote the use of solar energy and conservation to improve the environment and create a sustainable future.
The Solar Decathlon is an intercollegiate competition to design, build and operate a home powered completely by solar energy.
Solar and wind resource map and data for Colorado.
Wind maps. Regional summaries of wind resource estimates.
Current weather conditions in Colorado.
Applied research, education, publications, videos, community capacity building, and the creation of strategic partnerships. Work with individuals, business, schools, universities, nonprofit organizations, coalitions, communities, and governments.
Environment Colorado is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that focuses exclusively on protecting Colorado's air, water and open spaces. We speak out and take action at the local, state and national levels to improve the quality of our environment and our lives.
Connecticut Innovations strengthen Connecticut's high-tech economy by providing entrepreneurs with the capital and strategic guidelines they need to turn great ideas into successful Connecticut businesses.
Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund offers residents everything from incentives to replace energy-wasting appliances with newer, more efficient models, to rebates on energy-saving lighting products and air conditioners. For businesses, there are even more innovative programs to maximize energy efficiency, lower operating costs and improve productivity.
The Energy Conservation Loan Program and the Multifamily Energy Conservation Loan Program provide financing at below market rates to single family and multi-family residential property owners for the purchase and installation of cost-saving energy conservation improvements.
Answers questions you may have about Connecticut energy. The related topics include Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy Options, Utility Information for Restructuring, Energy Assistance, Environmental Issues, Consumer Issues and Research & Public Policy.
A curriculum resource for educators featuring the energy topics in the Connecticut high school curriculum. Issues and topics are explored with a Connecticut focus, and with an emphasis on solutions that students can implement.
The Institute for Sustainable Energy focuses on matters relating to energy education, energy policy, efficiency conservation and load management, renewable energy, distributed generation, protection of environmental resources, and the dissemination of useful information on energy alternatives and sustainability to users and providers of energy.
Research, development and commercial deployment of fuel cell engineering and technology.
Resource of information about how photovoltaic (PV) solar cells work, help direct consumers to distributors and installers of solar technology, provide a true representation of the financial viability of solar power and links to information about solar technology. News, events, solar installation gallery.
Wind map. Regional summaries of wind resource estimates.
Current weather conditions in Connecticut.
The Governor's Steering Committee on Climate Change (GSC) is made up of leaders from key state agencies including the Department of Environmental Protection, Public Utility Commission, ... The GSC is charged with leading a collaborative effort to develop and implement a Climate Change Action Plan for Connecticut.
PACE is the largest totally volunteer organization working for energy efficiency, conservation, and benign renewable energy in Connecticut
Solar Austin works to accelerate the transition to clean renewable energy, building healthy communities, strong economies and energy independence in Austin.
The Consumer Energy Center went on line in 1995 to offer the public a one-stop site on the Internet for the latest information about energy resources and how to use them wisely in our home, work and vehicles.
TREIA is a statewide non-profit organization of companies and individuals involved in solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and hydro electric energy products and/or services. This association is a facilitator of conferences, workshops, seminars, and tours to expose our member and the public to the latest and most useful renewable energy information.
The Texas Solar Energy Society is an educational organization formed to promote solar and other renewable energy applications.
Practical solar energy and energy efficiency information. Whether you're designing or building a new home or need more information on solar water heating or heating a swimming pool we hope you find this information helpful.
In 2001, the Texas legislature established a statewide energy code. It has been a great success, with residences alone saving over 700 tons of pollution in the first year. This site offers additional energy efficiency opportunities for Texans. Creating a statewide Green Building program would give people incentives to go further than code, and give the state a way to capture those benefits.
Current Texas wind speed map
Current weather conditions in Texas. Current wind map
The Clean Air Force is working to increase community awareness of the air quality issues. Clean Airforce is a non profit organization dedicated to helping Austin Texas with its air pollution.
A non-profit organization working to promote renewable energy in the state of Georgia through education, research and advocacy.
Wind map. Regional summaries of wind resource estimates.
Current weather conditions in Georgia. Current wind speed map
A collaborative effort among environmental and conservation organizations throughout the state to educate and mobilize their members utilizing a state-of-the-art electronic email alert system. This system is a powerful way for getting our important message to elected officials, administrative decision makers, and leaders in big business and industry.
EEA works to promote environmental education by providing opportunities for member organizations, schools, and the general public to get involved through the annual EEA conference, member newsletter, environmental events posted on its website, and teacher resource directory.
The goal of is to build statewide capacity for environmental education by providing: EE lesson plans based on Georgias curriculum standards, a searchable directory of Georgia's EE organizations and the resources they offer, a statewide calendar of EE events, EE news, and easy-to-access facts about Georgia's environment.
Offers citizens one smart and simple way to care for our air, land and water. As Georgias only dedicated environmental fund, Earth Share partners with Georgia businesses and employees to support 61 leading environmental groups through workplace campaigns, Earth Day and other activities.
Energy sources, clean vehicles, reports, incentives
Facilitating research and graduate education throughout the State University System in the multi-disciplinary areas of renewable chemicals and fuels. The Center provides a vehicle to solve new technological challenges amongst other activities.
Dedicated to expanding the use of clean, renewable energy technologies through public awareness, political advocacy, and individual initiative.
Information on the renewable energy and energy efficiency research, education, training, and certification activities of the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC).
A nonprofit association of companies involved in the solar energy industry. Members include manufacturers, distributors, contractors, retailers, consultants, research centers, and utilities.
Wind map. Regional summaries of wind resource estimates.
Current weather conditions in Florida. Current wind speed map
Wind map. Regional summaries of wind resource estimates.
Applied research, education, publications, videos, community capacity building, and the creation of strategic partnerships. Work with individuals, business, schools, universities, nonprofit organizations, coalitions, communities, and governments.
The Delaware Energy Office offers grants for Photovoltaic, Solar Water Heating, Wind and Geothermal renewable energy technologies.
Delaware wind map. Regional summaries of wind resource estimates.
Current weather conditions in Delaware.
Protect and manage the state's vital natural resources, protect public health and safety, provide quality outdoor recreation and to serve and educate Delaware citizens about the wise use, conservation and enhancement of Delaware's Environment.