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Courierboards online delivery network offers a go green benefit by facilitating freight pooling opportunities in the locally based courier industry.
UK, Essex

Welcome to, the UK’s leading transport exchange website powered by one of the world’s most advanced computerised load matching systems. is the country’s fastest growing load matching network and currently averages over 3,000 live loads and hundreds of vehicles on offer daily. We are now the most active freight exchange site in the UK, saving our members millions of wasted miles and unnecessary fuel emissions for the environment. 

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Since 2004, uShip has made transport and trucking more affordable and efficient. We've matched hundreds of thousands of customers' shipments with the extra space in transporters' trucks, reducing the number of empty miles on the road and saving people millions of dollars in lowered delivery costs. But that's only half of the equation. uShip also has a long-standing partnership with TerraPass, the award-winning carbon offset provider, to purchase credits to further neutralize the negative impact of carbon dioxide emissions created from transport jobs booked on uShip. Whether you're a customer  

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Are you passionate about our planet? Ship responsibly with Shweebo! We use recycled packaging materials and boxes, and consolidate packages to lessen our carbon footprint here on Earth. Shweebo is proud to be an environmentally-conscious international shipping company.

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