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Tiny homes and home plans for sale.
Originally developed for the Katrina hurricane victims this design has met with a big success and is being distributed outside its original application.
Building simple, living small, small houses, tiny houses.
Online purchasing of plans, consultations, ready-made houses and the new Tumbleweed Custom Design.
Small houses made of 95% recycled materials.
The miniHome uses 1/100th the electricity, 1/10th the fuel, 1/10th the materials, and 1/10th the water of the average, 2000sf home.
The Hermits Cabin is just big enough for one person, equipped for all seasons and can be located practically anywhere. The cabin is around eight square meters and is in its original design covered inside out with wood from old North Sweden barns.
The team of researchers and designers based in London and at the Technical University in Munich developed the m-ch as an answer to an increasing demand for short stay living for students, business people, sports and leisure use and for weekenders.
Eco Pods feature three separate environments: a super insulated cosy interior; a light airy conservatory and an external balcony which will allow you to be at one with nature.
MetroCabin was developed in direct response to those customers looking for a larger pre-fab modern space. MetroCabin is a livable 16 feet deep by 20 feet wide multi-use open plan space.
Tortoise shell homes are cozy (starting at 130 sq feet), mobile (mounted on a tow trailer), and built tough, like a larger house.
Cooperatively managed and sustained global organization dedicated to the promotion of tiny houses and small housing solutions that are affordable and ecologically responsible.
A web magazine dedicated to everything small house. Think bungalows, cottages, guest houses, cabins, sustainable architecture, green building, straw bale, prefab, modern, apartments, modular, simple, solar, wind and tiny - inside and outside.
This blog is focusing on making the mental transition to living lighter and smaller. Also ideas for house design, hence the name.
DIY A complete 'do-it-yourself' guide on how to plan, build and enjoy your small cabin -- in simple terms. A collection of personal experience and useful resources on building own small cabin in the wilderness.
We Love Sheds : the blog of
Combining affordable, small-sized housing with cohousing and sustainability.
Shedworking is a daily updated guide to the lifestyles of shedworkers and those who work in shedlike atmospheres.
Story of the adventure of building a house for free made of recycled pallets.

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Blog by a woman and her dog living in a "chic" trailer. Her 400 sq ft trailer was redesigned by herself into an amazing design.
ModSpace is one of the world's largest providers of permanent and temporary modular construction in the industrial and non-residential sectors. With over 80 locations throughout the U.S., ModSpace's Construction Services Team is able to deliver quality, environmentally-friendly construction solutions to a wide variety of industry verticals, such as education and healthcare, among others.

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