Solar Boats & Races

Catamaran powered by solar panels.
PlanetSolar is a multlihull vessel topped by a large array of photovoltaic solar panels. It will do the first round-the-world attempt.
The World Championship of intercollegiate Solar Boating
Annual race for solar boats takes place on the famed Elfstedentocht track in the Netherlands.
Monohull solar boat design.
Genesis II Solar Racing Team wins best drivetrain, solar array, and 2nd place technical report in 2005 Solar Splash.
In 2005, for the second year in a row, Cedarville's Solar Splash team took the top honors as World Champions of intercollegiate solar boating.
Since 1998, the Department of Engineering at The College of New Jersey has formed teams of students to design and build solar/electric boats to compete in "Solar Splash", the World Championship, Solar/Electric Boat Regatta.
Solar electric boat team.

Solar Splash is an engineering club where students of all grades and disciples collaborate their efforts in constructing solar powered boats for competition. Their models include a boat design with hydrofoils.