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Straw Bale House Builders, Architects, Owners – USA
Canelo Project – Interior of Straw Bale House
The Canelo Project  Builder & Workshops
A small non-profit organization, dedicated to the exploration and education of natural, local and artistic building techniques Workshops in straw bale, earthen and lime plasters, earth floors, and natural paints. Development of low cost houses in the US and Mexico.
Integral Design Studio
Integral Design Studio Architect
Extensive experience and take joy in designing with alternative materials such as strawbale, autoclaved aerated concrete, insulated concrete forms and adobe.
Hubbell & Hubbell
Hubbell & Hubbell   Architect
The Hubbell & Hubbell team creates places that heal the soul and renew the spirit. We are a unique family-owned firm committed to integrating nature-centered art and architecture in environmentally friendly private and public spaces. Artist James Hubbell has developed projects all over the world for more than 40 years. Architect Drew Hubbell has pioneered the permitting of straw bales as a building material in the city and county of San Diego.
DSA Architects
DSA Architects Architect
DSA Architects offer a wide range of architectural services, from consulting to complete design services. They pursue sustainable design approaches, such as passive solar design, and their buildings incorporate resource efficient building systems like straw-bale houses pictured here.
Semmes & Co Builders – Passive solar home builder
Semmes & Co. Builders, Inc. Builder & Workshops
Located on the Central Coast of California, constructs unique and creatively styled, environmentally-friendly homes. By blending sustainable building and passive solar techniques, as well as the most current materials and technologies, these homes are durable, energy efficient, and, above all, a delight to live in.
Design Forward – Architectural Firm – Straw Bale Building
Design Forward   Architect
Hands-on construction and workshop experience. Teach on-going sustainable design courses, led straw bale workshops, as well as organized workshops for others.
Claiborne Churchill Strawbale Winery
Claiborne Churchill Strawbale   Winery Owner
In 1995 Clay and Fredericka completed construction on their new and permanent winery building. This structure, a noteworthy example of environmental architecture, is a "straw bale building," the first of its kind in California. With sixteen-inch thick walls made of bales of rice straw, the winery is so well insulated that it maintains a constant cellar temperature, without the need for mechanical cooling or heating.
Paragon Designs
Paragon Designs   Architect
Paragon Designs offers a mix of efficient talents and skills for a full-service design and construction team. Services range from designing custom homes, restoration of historic homes, construction of small commercial buildings to management of both large and small-scale projects. Offering Graphic Design, Project Renderings, Environmental Design, Healthy Homes, Feng Shui Analysis, Historical Restoration, Cost Estimates, Development and Site Supervision.
Berkeley Marina Shorebird Park Nature –  Visitor Centre 
Berkeley Marina Shorebird Park    Nature & Visitor Centre One the first civic buildings to be built out of straw bale in the United States. Designed by DSA Architects with fellow architect Greg VanMechelen. Environmental features include: Straw Bale Exterior Walls, Passive Solar Design, Building Integrated Photovoltaics, Hot Water Solar Panels for Radiant Heating System, Natural Linoleum Floors, Interior Walls from compressed straw panels, Recycled and Sustainably Harvested Wood Framing Cabinetry from Wheat Straw particleboard, Countertops made from Recycled Glass.
Madeen Architecture and Construction – Passive solar straw bale
Madeen Architecture and Construction, L.L.C.    Architect, Designer, Builder
Alternative Natural Environmental Architecture. Sustainable, alternative, instinctive, handcrafted, breathable and healthy are descriptive terms that help define the Madeen Architectural approach.
Building Materials Include: Adobe, Strawbale, Rammed Earth, Pumicecrete, Reclaimed Materials, Responsibly Harvested Lumber, & More. Designs Include: Passive Solar, Solar Photovoltaic Electric, Solar Hot Water, Radiant Floor Heat, Geothermal Heating & Cooling, & More.
Fuentesdesign Straw Bale House
Fuentesdesign   Designer, Builder
Natural architecture and straw bale zero energy homes. Located on a historic family ranch alongside hundred year old buildings, this zero energy straw bale refuge redefines the concept of the western homestead in the contemporary context of sustainability. Solar hot water for in-floor radiant heat augments passive solar design. Photovoltaics provide power, while earth from the well drilling was used for interior plaster.
ecobuilders – straw bale house
Ecobuilders   Builder
Specializing in sustainable building techniques such as straw bale and earthship design as well as renewable energy systems such as solar electric and solar thermal, Ecobuilders is as much an educational leader as it is an industry leader. Ecobuilders has just released the first in a series of up-to-date and comprehensive instructional DVDs on building with strawbale.
Deanne Bednar – Straw bale studio Michigan
Deanne Bednar   Builder, Workshops
The Strawbale Studio is an enchanting 600 square foot thatched roof studio here in rural Oakland County, southeast Michigan. The studio features strawbale (stucco covered) walls, a round log frame, earthen floor, fieldstone foundation, a loft, and beautiful artwork. We hope you enjoy reading about the history of the project and learning about upcoming events and opportunities.
Iain Nicolson Audubon Center
Iain Nicolson Audubon Center    Visitor Center
The Iain Nicolson Audubon Center, set along the beautiful Platte River, is one of the largest straw bale constructed buildings in the United States. This education/visitor center not only provides office space for the staff, but also has a classroom/conference room, educational displays, a viewing area of the river and much more.
New Mexico
Syncronos Design.
Syncronos Design   Publisher
A web site, DVD video, and book about the design and construction of straw bale solar hybrid homes. Topics include passive solar house design, straw bale home design, thermal mass walls, earth plaster for adobe and straw bale, the use of natural materials, rainwater cisterns, LEED and large buildings, and much more.
Landerland Straw Bale B&B Guesthouse New Mexico
Landerland   Designer & Builder
A former Seattle architectural and aerospace model maker / machinist, Tom Lander turned into a full scale home builder. Tom has built two quality straw bale homes and numerous straw bale buildings in New Mexico. He specializes in designing, consulting, and building for owner builders.
New York
Secret Base Design – straw bale in new york
Secret Base Design   Architect
A New York and California licensed architecture firm, affiliated with Laura Lee Intscher, Architect.
Pictured here, Main Base is located in Vestal NY, and has a structural straw shed and steel frame straw bale infill main house. It is the first project built by Secret Base Design in cooperation with a local contractor. It has several cutting edge eco friendly features.
Iron Straw Group
The IronStraw Group   Workshops
IronStraw Group is a 501(c)(3) educational organization dedicated to helping people build affordable environmentally friendly strawbale homes. IronStraw Group is passionate about its mission of Stronger Communities through Straw Building; the construction of low-income & affordable housing; and the education & promotion of straw as a standard building material including the development of Certified Contractors' Programs.
A. C. Morrison Construction – straw bale house
A. C. Morrison Construction   Builder, Education
Andrew has a passion for straw bale construction that is matched only by his desire to teach his knowledge to others. Andrew is the creator and builder of the Straw Bale Village, a community of 15 straw bale homes in the National Historic Landmark City of Jacksonville, Oregon. He is a skilled, licensed General Contractor with experience in designing and building both conventional and straw bale homes. "The Straw Bale House Blog" is the official Blog of, a world leader in straw bale education, hosted by Andrew Morrison, a Southern Oregon based contractor specializing in straw bale construction.
Organicforms Design
Organicforms Design    Architect - Designer
This home is located in the beautiful and pristine Colstien Valley on the Oregon/California border. There are beautiful views of the surrounding valley as well as striking views of Mount Shasta. The home design was initialized by the client, and Organicforms Design provided construction documents, design consulting and modifications such as the south facing clerestory windows taking advantage of the passive solar opportunities that this beautiful site provides. The owners have documented their construction process in a blog
Ecoville Architechs
Ecoville Architechs   Architect
Katey Culver, permaculture designer ecoville architechs offers a full range of planning and design services, including new homes, remodels, historic restoration and interior design. Also consulting services for your energy efficient home, permaculture site and alternative energy options.
Washington, D.C.
Helicon Works – Straw bale & cob house – Washington DC
Helicon Works   Architecture, landscape and interior design
Including Feng Shui or intuitive energy balancing. Designing a comprehensive renewable energy system - exploring the nuances of creating net-low or zero energy homes. Detailed green specifications for all components, insuring healthy homes and reused/renewable/local materials.
Straw Bale House Building – Canada
HarvestHomes – Ontario, Canada – two-story straw bale home
HarvestHomes   Designer, Builder
We offer full construction services with an experienced work crew. We have built cabins, large multiple-story homes and light commercial buildings using both load bearing and post-and-beam styles of straw bale construction. We are available as exterior wall systems sub-contractors. Or we can do the full nine yards - from design and foundation pouring to finishing and fine cabinetry. We are also happy to work alongside you and any other volunteer help you choose.
Camel’s Back Construction – Straw Bale House in Canada
Canada, Ontario
Camel's Back Construction   Designer Builder Architect Writer
We believe that straw bale building is the most environmentally sound, efficient and attractive way of constructing homes to match the demands and expectations of modern life in our northern climate. These ideals of reduced environmental impact, energy efficiency and aesthetic beauty are the central motivation behind the building that we do. Gallery
Straw Bale House Building – EU
Amazonails – straw bale building in Cumbria, UK
Amazonails - UK   Design, planning, building
A not-for-profit social enterprise, specializing in environmentally sensitive building - especially strawbale construction, low impact foundations and natural materials training groups of people in the use of such wonderful and renewable materials as straw, lime and clay. We also help with design, planning and building control permission; can offer full construction drawing services, demonstrations, workshops, presentations and mentoring for self-builders.
Straw Bale House Building – Australia
Unicorn Architect – Straw Bale House Australia
Unicorn House   Designer - Builder
Award winning Energy Efficient and Environmentally Sustainable Design and Building firm located in Daylesford, Australia. Working with strawbale and other sustainable materials to create comfortable and beautiful homes. (also previously trading under the name Imagine Strawbale Constructions)
MillDuck B&B – Straw Bale Houses
MillDuck Strawbale Bed & Breakfast   Homeowner & B&B
Designed by Unicorn House, this StrawBale House & fully self contained Bed & Breakfast was inspired by Country Style Magazine. won the 2002 Master Builders Association Award for the "Most Energy Efficient Home" in the North West Region of Victoria along with the "Best Custom Home" award in its respective price bracket.
Straw Bale House Building – Resources
A step by step system that shows you exactly how to build a straw bale house