Cheapest Solar Panels – Canada

Last Updated: 03/19/2018

Free solar panel price survey… These are prices for NEW solar panels available in Canada. All prices in Canadian $. We prefer not to include any cheaper Chinese brands at this time due to quality and after-sale service concerns. We list ONLY SOLAR PANELS WHICH ARE DELIVERABLE WITHIN 15 DAYS, if a retailer says it will take longer, please REPORT (please add written proof which includes detailed information of the exact solar panel type in your communication)
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Solar Panel Brand Peak Power Watts Minimum Quantity Total Wattage Cost US$ per Solar Panel Total Cost Remarks UL Listed? Price per Watt Country of Manufact. Vendor
Canadian Solar 265 1 265 $290.00 $290.00 - $1.09 china.gif Solar Energy DC
Canadian Solar 310 1 310 $345.00 $345.00 - $1.11 china.gif Solar Energy DC
* Minimum Quantity of solar panels to purchase at this price
(This table is for information purposes only, solar panel prices and specifications can change at any time, please check with the retailer. EcoBusinessLinks does not carry any liability for purchases done based on the table above. Please note: the table just gives some examples and does not cover 100% of the solar panel market.)
in Canada who would like to have their solar panels featured must sign up first for a logo listing, this includes a logo listing in the Solar & Wind Retail Canada category  plus courtesy tracking of prices for up to 5 solar panels. Prices must be equal to or lower than CAN$ 3.00 per Watt to be listed in the survey, no limits on solar panel size but must be of  a known or qualitatively accepted brand and be in stock, please contact in case of doubt or if you have any questions. Accepted solar panel brands: Please check at the bottom of our main price survey of solar panels