SMA Inverters Price Survey – SunnyBoy Inverters

Last Updated: 08/22/2014

This survey is for following SMA America grid-tie inverters: Sunny Boy 3000us, Sunny Boy 4000us, Sunny Boy 5000us, Sunny Boy 6000us, Sunny Boy 7000us, Sunny Boy 8000us The SunnyBoy family of grid-tied inverters are known to be efficient, easy to operate and reliable. Found a better price for one of these SMA inverters? Tell us about it! These products should be deliverable within around 15 days, if not please let us know.

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(This table is for information purposes only, inverter prices and specifications can change at any time, please check with the retailer. EcoBusinessLinks does not carry any liability for purchases done or not done based on the table above. Please note: the table just gives some examples and does not cover 100% of the SMA inverter market.)
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