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Sustainable architecture includes innovative designs or a thousand year old designs that are being rediscovered and will be adapted to modern lifestyle and to your personal needs while respecting a more sustainable lifestyle. Well-thought energy efficient concepts are important as they can reduce the energy necessity of your home to zero, something that is much harder to achieve with retrofitting of an existing building.

Coates Design Architects – Sustainable Design Architect – Seattle
Seattle Architect, Coates Design Architects specializes in green building and sustainable design techniques.  Located on Bainbridge Island, near Seattle, our Architecture practice has sustainable projects all over the country.  We have completed one of the first LEED Platinum residential design projects in Washington.  See our website and you will understand why we are rapidly becoming one of the premier green building Architects in Seattle!
Hopkins Studio is a full service architecture firm specializing in sustainable contemporary home design throughout the San Francisco bay area.
A dynamic consortium of professionals, offers full design services and specializes in Environmentally Conscious Planning and Design.
A small architecture firm located in Sonoma County, California. We work collaboratively to create innovative, non-generic buildings and places which are respectful of the local built traditions, thoughtfully integrated into the natural landscape, sited in harmony with the local climate, built with simple, natural materials, and which evoke a sense of playfulness.
DSA is an architecture firm in Berkeley, California specialized in Straw Bale Construction. Project Gallery
A healthful, cost-effective approach to architectural design and detailing.
The Ecological Design Institute and Van der Ryn Architects create innovative design solutions that link nature, culture and technology to reintegrate the needs of human society within the balance of nature. Services: Green architecture and building systems, sustainable community planning, education and training programs, sustainable technologies research, publications.
Hubbell & Hubbell create places to heal the soul and renew the spirit through organic design and art solutions supporting sustainable ways of living.
An architecture and general contracting firm with a specialty in ecological design.  Our work includes design, ground-up construction, and renovation.
Brooks + Scarpa is committed to conserving the environment and making intelligent use of our natural and cultural resources.
An award winning firm specializing in sustainable planning, green architecture and sustainable design as art.
Siegel & Strain Architects is an innovative design firm with a commitment to environmentally sustainable design.
A Holistic Design Company - dedicated to the artful integration of ecology, spirit and built form. Symbios blends sustainable building concepts, natural materials and modern methods of construction to produce "living environments" that are in positive and balanced relations to their surroundings.
For over thirty-five years, we have been creating environments which enrich the human spirit, work with natural processes and respect the beauty and vitality of nature. Our approach, Eco-Logic Design, is a marriage of nature and technology, using ecology as the basis for design.
As LEED certified architects, we stay true to 3 decades of ecological commitment by our principals, showing that green architecture can be implemented in a practical and cost-effective manner. We take advantage of the diverse ethnic and professional backgrounds of our staff members who hale from South America, Central Asia and both coasts of the United States.
Residential & commercial projects since 1982. Contextual based solutions w/ sustainable, solar, & natural materials. CA, CO, KS, MO, NM
Offering beautiful, economical, ecological design.
Graybeal Architects, LLC in Carbondale, Colorado is a green architect committed to the creation of functional, unique and livable spaces with low or no impact on our health and on our planet. We take pride in cohesive, rooted architecture that reflects and blends with our natural surroundings.
An alliance of professionals specializing in energy and resource efficient building design, construction management and land planning. Our projects combine thoughtful design and ecology, creating spaces that are harmonious, inside and out and celebrate the sanctity of life.
Rountree Architects is a design and consulting firm founded in 1990, dedicated to promoting the use of clean, renewable energy.
Leading environmental architectural firm in Georgia. Special expertise in healthy home consulting, environmentally sound construction materials and specifications, energy and day lighting design, water conservation and treatment, and working with ecologically sensitive sites. Ms. Epsten’s design for an environmentally sound, affordable, prototype home has received national attention and an AIA award. The Epsten Group serves clients nationwide and abroad.
The studio focuses on the design of healthy, green, sustainable, and holistic buildings for personal environments and livable communities. Enter our web home and see projects for inviting, ecologically-designed houses, non-residential buildings, and multi-family communities.
Nathan Kipnis Architects, Inc. is one of Chicagos and the North Shores premier green, sustainable architectural practices specializing in energy conscious, environmentally responsive designs.
Aspen, Colorado & Lawrence, Kansas residential & commercial projects since 1982. Contextual based solutions w/ sustainable, solar, & natural materials. CA, CO, KS, MO, NM
A range of services customized to project goals & parameters.
TerraLogos is dedicated to helping its clients achieve healthier, more energy efficient and ecologically sound projects, including small renovation, new construction or community revitalization. We offer a full range of services
Solar Design Associates (SDA) is a group of architects and engineers dedicated to the design of sustainable buildings and the engineering and integration of renewable energy systems that incorporate the latest in innovative technology. Since its founding in 1974, the firm has earned an international reputation for the pioneering integration of renewable energy - especially solar-generated electricity - with environmentally responsive building design. The firm offers a wide diversity of services to private, commercial, research, and utility clients.
Shelter Architecture is a Minneapolis, Minnesota based firm with a focus on sustainable, beautiful and valuable design.
Tim Montgomery has +thirty years experience in a broad range of architecture, engineering and project management for commercial facilities and residential design - specializing now in sustainable, "Green" design and rehab. He is a USGBC LEED AP. and has won awards for sustainable design.
Pioneering passive solar sustainable architecture, ground-breaking architecture for Native American Tribes and Pueblos done in traditional native idioms.
EDGE is an award-winning architecture firm committed to sustainability and environmentally appropriate design. Their designs typically focus on the use of alternative materials (straw bale, Rastra block, pumice-crete cob, adobe, etc.) with a passive solar orientation and often incorporate independent systems such as photovoltaic electric, catch water, and grey water re-use.
An architecture and engineering firm specializing in the integration of sustainable design elements for residential and commercial projects. Whether your project is a luxurious resort with a complete energy in independence, a land development with infrastructure for a new community, or simply a small home gently oriented with the sun, Living Designs Group will help you realize your desires.
As the largest Architectural firm in Rochester, NY, our commitment to a more sustainable practice has meaningfully enhanced our firm’s “Best Practices” utilized for over forty years. It has long been our business to design well, but it is our responsibility and our honor to design sustainably. Working collaboratively, SWBR will promote strategies that contribute to the well-being of our community and help to preserve our environment for generations to come.
Harvey Cohn provides a full range of architectural services to clients with an emphasis on energy conserving and environmentally responsible design.
Architectural company with experience in straw bale construction.
We see sustainable design as an inseparable part of good design. Green principles are woven into all our projects, incorporated so that they enhance rather than compromise design. The project history includes a wide range of commissions from urban planning and large scale development to houses and additions to apartment, loft and house renovations and commercial interiors as well as the design of custom and production furniture.
Raleigh, NC, based architectural firm, specialized in sustainable architecture. Many years of energy-efficient, high performance, environmentally sensitive design. Day lighting expertise.
Solar and sustainable design services.
Barley & Pfeiffer Architects is an award-winning, contemporary architecture firm that specializes in green building, solar houses and sustainable architecture.
Ark-Ology is a full service design firm centered on providing a quality service to each client. My focus is designing environmentally friendly homes around you and your family.
Architecture - Greenbuilding - Consulting
Architecture and building construction management services. Practicing ecological, sustainable, regenerative environmental design / solar, straw bale, green oak timber frame, living earth roof systems.
Charlottesville VA based architect offering sustainable design, sustainable consulting services, sustainable buildings, green architecture.
Blue Brook Architecture, Inc. is dedicated to designing efficient, affordable, sustainable buildings reflecting the unique character of each client and their site.
Coates Design Architects is gaining a sterling reputation for offering innovative architectural and sustainable design services for a wide range of clients throughout the US. We pride ourselves on consistently exceeding our clients goals, on both large and small construction projects.
Our practice is based on principles of "lyrical sustainable design" - conserving energy and resources; using healthier materials and finishes; reducing long-term costs; and making poetic places. We believe that fundamentally "green" design is just "good" design. It makes sense economically, ecologically and spiritually. Full range of architectural and interior design services for residential and small commercial renovation and new construction.
One World Design is a design firm which specializes in sustainable natural building - especially straw-bale construction. We've worked all over the world using the ecology, climate, materials and culture of the particular sites to collaboratively develop warm, safe, delightful buildings which meet local needs.
Regardless of whether achieving LEED certification is a project goal, we take our role as stewards of the environment seriously and continuously strive to achieve balance between program (people) and site (nature). We bring an ethic of sustainability, ecological awareness, resource efficiency, and regenerative design to all of our projects.
Whole Trees architecture and construction located in Stoddard, WI; bringing green construction to your home with carpentry from Wisconsin forests.
Specialized in socially conscious and ecologically responsible design. We don't work for profit; we have always sought ways to serve a greater community good through our professional practice.
Energy and resource efficient design and construction. Specialized in Cast Earth, a building material that is earth-friendly, durable and beautiful. On this site you will find information on Cast Earth, projects and services, and methods of financing alternative construction.
Our commitment to design excellence results in innovative and timeless buildings that imitate nature's efficiency, diversity and elegance. We provide full architectural, renovation, interior, furniture, planning and land use design service.
Breathe Architects Inc. is a unique architectural firm fusing expertise from a variety of interrelated disciplines to develop affordable and environmentally sensitive manifestations. Holistic and nature-centered approaches combine to revolutionize building design and construction conventions.
A non-profit organization founded in 1991. Our activities feature design and consulting work, workshops, lectures and written material. We have experienced all types of alternatives over the years including Cordwood Masonry and Straw Bale Construction. We have developed a unique Straw Bale Insulated Concrete Slab system, a green Living Roof system and a Composting toilet for owner-builders. Professional consulting work is offered under supervision by Michel Bergeron
Green architecture, healthy housing, sustainable communities.
Solterre Design is an architectural design firm established in 1992 that strives to reduce the environmental impact of our projects.
Specialisations in: Environmental and Visual Impact Assessments / Ecological / Energy Design / Audits and Management, Low Energy Structures for New Build & Refurbishment, NHER, SAP Ratings & Certification, Stock Profiling, Multi-residential Building Energy Analysis, Office Environmental Design, Schools Energy Management, Sustainable Solutions, Waste Management...
A substantial design-led practice with offices in Bath and London and a workload across the whole of the United Kingdom. The practice has designed a range of building types with particular strengths in education, housing and offices for end-users. Environmentally appropriate design is an area of unique expertise typified by a new headquarters for Greenpeace in London, the New Environmental Office for the Building Research Establishment in Watford and the Earth Centre in Yorkshire.
The Gaia Group comprises three companies who share an approach to ecological design at all scales of the built environment from materials through systems, buildings and landscape to urban design and town and country planning.
Developer of BedZed, a new urban product, capable of creating zero emissions development on most brownfield sites. BedZed includes four different generic urban conditions, terraces with front gardens, mixed development mews, pedestrian only mews, and covered arcade with rooftop penthouses.
SEDA - the Scottish Ecological Design Association - promotes an understanding of the Earth's eco-systems and ecological design concepts. The design of materials and products, projects and systems, environments and communities which are benign to living species and planetary ecology.
Aim to create buildings which lift the spirit, express a sense of care and delight, and are sensitive to the environment.
Ecological and energy efficient architects, details of projects and links to other organizations involved with the environment.
Innovative and practical design solutions. Private residential, housing and commercial, community and education buildings. Expertise in environmentally conscious building techniques including passive solar design, the use of sustainable materials, clean energy systems, super insulated timber frame construction and recycled water systems.
Specialists in low energy and sustainable building that inventively use readily available building materials.
Ecological and Organic Architects and landscape designers specialising in high quality sustainable projects.
DSA specialise in Eco Architecture and have won awards for their work in this field from the Civic Trust as well as the European Union.
Ecological architecture firm based in Dublin.
MosArt has researched, designed and built the very first passive house in Ireland which is also situated in Wicklow. The partnership comprises of Tomas O Leary a Landscape Architect who is currently living in the passive house and Art McCormack, an Architect / Landscaping Architect
Plan-AE is a Norwegian practice for architecture and environmental consulting. We specialise in green building design, integrated renewable energy and sustainable urban planning.
Un groupement d'architectes/urbanistes du languedoc-roussillon.
L'auto-construction de batiments, realisations, materiaux, techniques
Le mur chauffant basse température en terre crue : une solution au développement du solaire et de la démarche HQE...
Chitra Vishwanath, a Bangalore based architect who designs homes as well as commercial buildings with environmentally sound and cost effective materials.
A national non-profit organization of architects, designers, planners and related professionals. We are committed to correcting the imbalance between the need to provide for the common defense and the need to promote the well being of all our citizens. ADPSR’s efforts are directed towards arms reduction, protection of the natural and built environment and socially responsible development.
Newsletter: Ecolution.  "Bookstore has all types of information on ecological living, and don't miss The Homes for the Future: A Tour of Sustainable Living in Southern California."
The German term "Bau-biologie" means "building biology" or "the relationship between buildings and life".  IBE's main purpose is to educate; to help people realize that health hazards, may exist in their homes and workplaces, even though they may not be aware of them, and that ignorance of these hazards may not only have an effect on their health, but in a wider sense, on the survival of this planet.
The objective of the BBE is to promote a holistic approach to sustainable Architecture and Healthy Building for architects, builders, house owners, the building industry and building authorities in residential and commercial environments. The BBE in New Zealand has developed strong ties with consultants in specialized fields such as manufacture, distribution, design, permaculture, feng shui, vedic design, electro biology,  environmental medicine.
Web portal for solar, energy saving, ecological, sustainable building
Great information resource with many pictures of the sustainable architecture of this large Indian ecovillage.
Cabins, huts, sheds, houses, minimalist houses, minimalist architecture.
Sustainable Architecture Sustainable Development Building and Culture: A unique compendium of links and content oriented to the global community of ecological building proponents.
Architecture 2030s mission is to rapidly transform the US and global Building Sector from the major contributor of greenhouse gas emissions to a central part of the solution to the global-warming crisis.
The Open Architecture Network is an online, open source community dedicated to improving living conditions through innovative and sustainable design.
Foster sustainable building practices through education and example.
A design-led, one-stop shop, providing complete design and construction services for sustainable building.

Sustainable Architects - Free listings

As the largest Architectural firm in Rochester, NY, our commitment to a more sustainable practice has meaningfully enhanced our firm’s “Best Practices” utilized for over forty years. It has long been our business to design well, but it is our responsibility and our honor to design sustainably. Working collaboratively, SWBR will promote strategies that contribute to the well-being of our community and help to preserve our environment for generations to come.
ZeroEnergy Design creates innovative and environmentally sensible homes. Our multidisciplinary team of architecture, engineering and finance professionals takes a calculated, three-pronged approach to green design and sustainability. This results in high performance homes that holistically appeal to our clients lifestyles, aesthetic preferences, and environmental ideologies.
TASH Architects
India, Bangalore
TASH Architects and designers are committed to green sustainable constructions and green interior designs that are pleasing and practical.
We offer: architectural design, energy-efficient and sustainable design.
Robert Parker Associates
New Mexico, Taos
Robert Parker Associates is a multi-disciplinary firm with a wide range of experience in architecture, urban design and planning.
Archaeo Architects
New Mexico, Santa Fe
An award-winning architect offering building designs that are contemporary yet honor building site and the universal order found in ancient architecture.
Award-winning architectural firm specializing in green homes, sustainable architecture, and landscape design.
Improving building energy performance with products and services based on integrated engineered solutions.
Hutton Ford Architects has extensive experience with high performance design for schools, office buildings, retail and custom residential.
Organic Architect
San Francisco Bay Area Architect & Designer Eric Corey Freed specializes in ecological and organic design.
450 Architects
Advocate. Educate. Design. Sustain. These powerful words guide the approach taken by 450 architects, inc., an award winning architectural design studio and consulting practice committed to community-based, environmentally conscious design that is beautiful and soulful.
AIM Associates
California, Petaluma
AIM Associates has been providing Green and High Performance building consulting, integrated design team management, and full architectural and engineering services since 1982.
California, San Francisco
Apparatus encompasses experience in the design of wood and steel framing, expertise in stabilized earth wall systems (rammed earth and PISE) and experimentation in a wide variety of technologies and finish materials with a continuing emphasis on resource sustainability.
Arkin Tilt Architects is an award-winning firm specializing in energy and resource efficient design. Our projects embody a marriage of thoughtful design and ecology, creating spaces that are comfortable and lyrical.
Sustainable design for ecolodge, community, residential and commercial projects.
Studio Points
Creating living developments, buildings, environments, and businesses by transforming information into design intelligence that creates living exchanges between the land, structures, and users.
Eric Lloyd Wright & Associates
California, Malibu
Eric Lloyd Wright & Associates focuses on Organic Architecture through the use of ecological design principles, passive climatic design, and alternative construction and energy systems.
Our experience ranges from general contracting on low-impact residential construction to subdivision planning and design using new urbanism and ecological design principles. Sustainability on all levels is a priority.
sol agua terra
Maryland, Frederick
We provide holistic architecture & design services ~ specializing in sustainable and accessible design ~ to assist clients with making the most responsible and efficient choices in their projects.
CAST Architecture
Washington, Seattle
CAST architecture is a full service architectural firm specializing in residential and commercial structures in the Seattle area.
Green design is good design; LC Fisher, AIA provides elegant, efficient and unique design solutions for your residential or commercial projects. LEED Accredited Professional
Archiscape Architecture
New Mexico, Santa Fe
Santa Fe Architect, Archiscape endeavors to create memorable buildings and spaces that are at once an integral part of their location. Aaron Bohrer A.I.A.
4240 Architecture
Colorado, Denver
4240 Architecture combines poetry and place making with sustainability to produce high performance award winning architecture and interior design.
Hoffman, LLC
We offer planning, design and construction management.
An Energy Star partner firm offering sustainable and carbon neutral design.
Bennett Wagner & Grody, Denver, Colorado based Architects has demonstrated knowledge of the use and location of key green and sustainable design resources and tools.
Based in Lowcountry, South Carolina, Jane and Michael Frederick founded Frederick + Frederick Architects in 1989.
CTA Design Builders, Inc
Washington, Seattle
Seattle architects offering design-build, architect and general contracting services for new construction, remodels, and additions in Seattle & Puget Sound area.
Hays + Ewing Design Studio
Vriginia, Charlottesville
Hays + Ewing Design Studio merges design excellence with a core belief in the importance of environmental responsibility.
The REDD Group
New York, Brooklyn
REDD is a NY firm committed to design innovation-creating a distinct standard of quality for each project. As our philosophy, we incorporate sustainable principles wherever possible.
Sustainable Architects – Canada
Solares designs environmentally integrated homes™ low energy, passive solar homes that provide a lifestyle of plenty with a reduced ecological footprint.
Sustainable Architects – Europe
Eco Architects Ireland is a progressive and vibrant architecture firm, specializing in all forms of green design, and renewable technology, using a holistic approach where possible.
[Italian Only] RDA provides full design and building management, from inception to completion integrating high efficiency systems for cost reduction and natural comfort in buildings.
We offer: sustainable architecture, energy design, bioclimatic architecture, eco-architecture, passive and low energy architecture, restoration, near zero energy building design.
Calculated Plans - Architecture is a small firm located in Starksboro, Vermont. We provide thoughtful, practical solutions for commercial, institutional, and residential projects. We also enjoy opportunities to collaborate with other firms, and provide experienced design, project management, and specification writing services.

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For more than twenty years, Allegretti architects has crafted elegant sustainable designs in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Hopkins Studio is a full service architecture firm specializing in sustainable contemporary home design throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Black River Design is twenty-six architects, designers and administrators working together to offer a full range of building design, interior design, historic preservation and planning services. We undertake a wide variety of projects in the public, residential and commercial fields.  

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Green Building Consultants
India, Tamil Nadu
GreenSketch is a green building design and consultancy firm that aims to provide cutting edge sustainability solutions and services in the industry of sustainable development.

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Arch Edge
India, Maharashtra

Kansai Nerolac Paints takes a leap towards a greener world with yet another great venture Arch Edge. Born with an ideology of building an ecological and sustainable structure in architecture.

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Nicolaides Viana Partnership is an architectural office, found in 1998 in Limassol, Cyprus. We offer architecture with a most rigorous standard – Net Zero Building and Passive House (Passivhaus). Compared to standard practices, the energy savings of a Passive House building can reach beyond 90%. We provide a complete design solution from a concept sketch to planning permission for residential, commercial and public buildings, designs for land use and urban planning, as well as interior design, supervision, and reconstruction plans. 

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team-b architecture and design
Australia, New South Wales

What distinguishes our architecture and design? Our unique background in construction and project management allows our process to accurately consider design, construction, scope, budget and time frame to deliver a resolved product that exceeds expectation.
Our architecture is strategic and responsive. We look to the particularities of each project – program, budget, physical and cultural contexts – to identify the driving questions to which our architecture responds.TEAM-B delivers a combination of experience, quality design and environmental sensibility to all our projects.