Water from Air

Water from air technology offers several advantages:
no plastic bottles needed anymore, cheap water (electricity approx. $0,06/liter or $0,23/gallon, please check with manufacturer, additional costs: machine depreciation, filter replacements)
no transportation, no chemicals (after proper filtering for air dust etc), no chlorines, underground water reserves not affected
in areas with higher air humidity and temperature: uses relatively little energy per liter &
de-humidifies and somehow filters the air to keep you and your appliances healthy
available as countertops, and fixed or mobile larger systems
additional water cooling or heating options may be available

EcoloBlue Leader in Atmospheric Water Generators
EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generators create up to 5000L a day from the humidity in the air. EcoloBlue's multi-stage filtration system provides and maintains pure drinking water quality and removes the chemicals, pesticides, viruses and heavy metals. Hot, Cold and customizable carbonation options are available. EcoloBlue proprietary AWG technology is 100% compatible with all forms of portable and renewable energy, including gas-powered generators, and Wind and Solar solutions (which put cost per Gallon/Liter at an astonishing $0.20).
Atmospheric water generators for homes, business and disaster relief.
From domestic to industrial size models, plus design on demand.
Membrane filtered, UV-purified and treated hot and cold water without the inconvenience of buying water refills, storing used and unused water bottles, and troublesome piping. Also included or as option: water cooling and heating, tap water filtering for additional water source.
WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd. is the exclusive licensee for Atmospheric Water Technologies Inc. WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd. is authorized to sell, market, manufacture and distribute the complete range of Air to Water Machines, systems and appertaining technologies.
7 stage Hot & Cold UF/UV filtration system as standard supply. Can be fitted with optional stage 8 filtration step (water re-mineralization). Functions as an air cleaner and dehumidifier.
Paper magazine. The Journal for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Solutions.

Water from Air - Free listings

The XDOBS night radiant condensation system not only produces water from air but does it without any external electricity or fuel, It uses almost no moving parts and generates a single waste product cold air that can be used to reduce electricity consumption for air conditioning.
Pure Aqua Thailand offers atmospheric water generator. It extracts humidity from the air and turns it into 99.9% pure, delicious drinking water - quietly, safe, and efficiently.
The Groasis Waterboxx is an instrument that supports plants and trees in order to survive in difficult circumstances without using any groundwater or electricity. The instrument collects water by catching rainwater and producing and catching water from condensation.
WaterMicronWorld Atmospheric Water Generator produces pure fresh drinking water from 15 to 5000 Liters per day from the very air we all breathe.