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IETA will work for: the development of an active, global greenhouse gas market, consistent across national boundaries and involving all flexibility mechanisms: the Clean Development Mechanism, Joint Implementation and emissions trading.
The UNFCCC CDM Bazaar is a web-based facility which serves as a platform for exchange of information on Clean Development Mechanism project opportunities.
An independent not-for-profit organisation which acts as an intermediary between shareholders and corporations on all climate change related issues, providing primary climate change data from the worlds largest corporations, to the global market place.
CarbonPositive manages sustainable forestry and bio-energy ventures from conception through ongoing operations. We target venture opportunities that have the potential to realise attractive returns and generate carbon credits.
This website provides information to forestry and land use audiences, principally in developing countries, who want to find out more about the CDM and how it affects their activities.
A research and capacity building program, financed by the Netherlands Development Cooperation, which is investigating the possibilities and potential for Community Based Forest Management of existing natural forest to be included as an eligible carbon mitigation activity under international climate change agreements in the future.
Point Carbon is a world-leading provider of independent news, analysis and consulting services for European and global power, gas and carbon markets.

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ICECAP was established in 2003 as one of the first carbon trading business in the world. Since then, it has grown to be one of the most successful because of its experience, skills and track record.
Emissions trading brokers and carbon trading experts trade carbon credits and other greenhouse gas emission credits.
Greenhouse gas auditing tool designed specifically for land based industries. Also provides advice on reducing carbon footprint.
CO2 Australia
Australian Capital Territory
CO2 Australia is the nation’s leading environmental services company. With an unparalleled track record in achieving independent accreditation, along the way, CO2 Australia’s achievements have shaped the way organisations, individuals and landholders contribute to creating a better climate.

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