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Your product line made of sustainable materials and fair trade production, with your own label and reasonable prices.

We are offering all this in a full-service package:

Fashionable Know-How
Environmental And Social Responsibility

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MINIWIZ is a global innovator, dedicated to sustainable solutions through Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. We believe great design and performance in sustainable technology can intersect.
The Green Products Innovation Institute extends the success of the Cradle to Cradle framework to protect millions of people from toxic chemicals and unleash a wave of business innovation.
Our aim is to encourage business to work alongside designers and manufacturers to create a better environment for all.
As well as a full grown commercial department, Buzzispace likes to be a think-tank for young designers and experienced business-people in which ecology and solutions are the main concern following the cradle to cradle and waste is nutrition philosophy as closely as possible.
Designer - Interactive events, art production and sustainable development design.
[re]design is a social enterprise that propagates sustainable actions through design. We seek out and promote products and projects that are friendly to people and planet, and partner with a wide range of organisations to pioneer sustainable innovation.
GID is a custom product manufacturing company in California. We provides complete product development services including product design and product prototype development. Contact us, we will help you to launch a new product.

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