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Quirky is a social product development company. Your product ideas come in, our community works on them, we sell your product worldwide, and 30 of every dollar brought in gets distributed amongst you and the product's influencers.
Each Idea Lab provides a forum for a small group of graduate students with a shared interest to meet regularly in order to present their work, share ideas, discuss relevant literature, consult with other topical experts, and consider more ambitious collaboration. Areas: Climate policy, photovoltaics, energy efficiency, ...
Whether you are making technology decisions for your business, or eco-conscious decisions for your home, SmartPlanet will give you the 360 coverage you need to feel informed and connected to the news and information that matters to you.
Matching innovative companies with industrial and market demand, helping them find knowledge, capital, network and media exposure trough the web portal and real-life forums.
Think Beyond Plastic is an innovation competition for entrepreneurs working on solutions to the plastic pollution crisis. Eligible contestants will compete for a first prize investment of $50,000 for an existing business, and $10,000 investment for the most innovative business idea.