Wind Energy Associations

Conferences, exhibitions, publications
American Wind Energy Association happenings and links to other wind and renewable energy events and conference calendars.
Wind energy basics, business opportunities in wind energy, wind calculator, resource library, news and events, resource maps, legislation.
Project from the American government agency Eren for the promotion of the use of wind power. Regional activities, calendar. Online publications. Evaluation of home systems. Financing and incentives.
Promotion of wind energy for utility applications. Workshops, wind resource assessment,...
Identifies issues that affect the use of wind power, establishes dialogue among key stakeholders, and catalyzes appropriate activities to support the development of an environmentally, economically, and politically sustainable commercial market for wind power.
Wind energy production in Canada, Quarterly newsletter: WindSight, conferences, bookstore.
The Clean Energy Council is an amalgamation of the Australian Wind Energy Industry Association (Auswind) and the Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE). With over 400 businesses covering a quarter of Australia's total electricity production including gas, wind ,hydro and bioenergy; and in the spectrum of business in the low-emission energy and energy efficiency sectors. Including solar PV, solar hot water, biomass, geothermal and cogeneration.
Advocacy, documents, news, photo gallery.
Information for the use of water pumping windmills in Australia.
Promotion of wind energy development in the EU. Overview of European installed capacity, publications, magazine (Wind Directions),
The BWEA is at the heart of the wind energy industry in the UK. Formed more than 20 years ago, the organization has now expanded to become the trade and professional association for the industry.
Website for the UK offshore wind industry. Map with projects, developers, images, faq's...
Promotes research on all issues connected with development of the UK's offshore wind resource and encourages co-operation and partnership between and commercial organizations and researchers. (stopped operations but archives kept online)
Promotion of wind energy in The Netherlands, activities, chronicle of the development of modern use of wind energy in the second part of the 20th century in The Netherlands.
Resources for the wind industry, measurement services, magazine, courses, research, conferences, software, certification, news, directory.
Platform, promotion of research and development, recommendations and strategies, promotional activities, workshops, training courses, conferences, ...
Professional association for the development of wind power in Switzerland. Windmaps, documents, news, pictures,...
Promotion of wind energy in Ireland. Recommendations to government, reports, quarterly newsletter, map of Irish windfarms, info on offshore wind energy projects in Ireland, ...
Finnish wind power companies, projects, statistics.
Our association was created in 1979 to promote the wind power. It constituted a very rich library, publishes 4 times a year a newspaper.
News, production, windmaps for Austria. (German site)
Norwegian only.
Swedish only.
Established to promote awareness and use of wind energy in Estonia.
PWEA is an association of the leading companies active on the wind energy market in Poland: investors, developers, turbine and component manufacturers, both from Poland and abroad.
AfriWEA is a non-profit organisation formed in 2002 to encourage manufacturers, developers, governments, renewable energy owners and individuals to promote and support wind energy development on the Africancontinent.
Information on West Sahara wind energy potential and applications. The West Sahara offers one of the best wind sites in the world.
Information on technology, site requisites, wind potential, state approval, financial benefits.
Dedicated to the wind power program of India. Publications, directory, statistics, bulletin board, ....
InWea spreads awareness of the benefits of Wind Energy among all sectors of industry and government, as well as policy makers, crucial decision makers and the public at large